Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sometimes I just feel dumb

Above is Bill, me and Darla. In the background is their log cabin. They built it. Darla skinned every log in the house. I saw the drawing knife, it was worn. Hubby Bill is battling his eyesight. His shooting eye is very important. They live a lot off the land.

 I read a comment by my friend Darla up in the North Woods. She mentioned about having a little problem with a smart phone. I e-mailed her back telling her about the time I was leaving the Appalachian Trail and Sherry had sent a smart phone with me.  It was raining and I was at a trailhead and was trying to text Sherry, but the phone was on 'CAMERA' and I had no idea how to get it off. Sitting there under my poncho rain dripping  and about to cry when a sweet lady hiker happened by. In two seconds she fixed it for 'grandpa', smiled and was on her way.

Simpler times, Shirl loves pigs, this could be her!

When I see names like the Duggars, Kardashians, and many others in the AOL news every day, I feel like I am from outer space. I don't recognize movie stars and many politicians. I miss simple names like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Doris Day, Lucille Ball and The Duke.

Below is the Rainbow River fed by Rainbow springs in Florida.

I am honestly laughing now as I type. Once Sherry niece mentioned  xxxx, and Sherry said 'who?' Sherry said she looked at her like she had lived under a rock.

I try not to continually mention 'the good years' to kids because they are having their own 'good years'. So I confine my thoughts to the blog, Sherry and old folk I know.  HA!

I know I cannot comprehend the complexities of 
some of the new electronic world, but then most of these kids could not set the points on a 1953 Chevy either. (Not that they are ever going to face the challenge. LOL)

Challenges are different. At one time some of us looked for a hill to park our cars on so it would roll off and start. Now the kids must figure how to get the money to BUY the battery because FEW cars will start with a roll or a push.

No matter the challenges of life, we all do our best at facing them head on. Really most of us do a pretty danged good job of it.
Nite Shipslog

Below is a picture of my friend Buddy's Mustang, he loved that dude.


betty said...

This is so funny, Jack, I know you posted this last week, but it just showed up on my dashboard for Blogger today. Blogger sure is doing weird things these days!

That was cute about the phone; glad someone came along to help you! Honestly, I would have had to do the same thing; my smart phone is still smarter than me :)


Mevely317 said...

Like Betty just said, this is the first I've seen your post on my dashboard. Not funny, Blogger.

Had to smile at the good Samaritan who helped with your cell phone.... only, on account I'd have probably been in the same predicament.

Tom and I are a lot like you guys about 'modern' celebrities. Even watching the Academy Awards has lost it's magic since I don't recognize half the people on that red carpet. 'Had to laugh out loud at your mention of Sherry's dialog with her niece. When my grands came to visit in 2010 they were going on and on about visiting the Kardashian's boutique in southern California. And ya (you guessed it) I asked, who are the Karsashians?


Things change. Time marches forward. And sometimes we get left behind. Technology outpaces us quickly. I smiled about your cellphone. Had a similar experience myself.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a surprise to see two posts from you today and I didn't realized one was posted earlier. I agree about all the changes and being left behind. So many names in the news are unknown to me. I try to keep up and did better at it when I had family at home. Now it seems I live in my own little world. You are right, our children are now making their own good times that they will someday look back on just as we do.