Friday, May 1, 2015

Are you satisfied where you are?

Friend Myra over at  ‘Respice, Prospice ‘      had a post Saturday with ‘Facts’ map and all, of folks who are not satisfied where they live, or would move with incentives.


I have met more people from Pennsylvania than any other state (except the ones I have lived in), and NONE of the PA folk would leave PA  for anything. Yet the pole I think showed 34% would stay. The rest would leave with the right incentives.

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But the thing about the survey that hit me hard, was that only 3 in 11 would remain in the USA. Now folks we do have some real problems in the USA. We really do have a problem with race relations, and understanding each other. However, we are different, each race is different. We eat and play different.  We ARE NOT happy with our tax system. BUT OVER ALL, if you were born and live in the USA you are a VERY fortunate person.

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If my calculations are correct about 73% of Americans (USA) would leave with the right incentives.

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Sherry and I have been blessed to travel in about 26 countries and only a couple (Canada/UK) would I consider and that is ‘consider’ with a lot of caveats.  Both are too cold for Sherry and I. (smile)

There are hundreds more countries, but still I think the people in the survey were not realistic, but dreaming. (smile again)

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Example:  When was the last time you were required to show your I.D. on the street?  When were you last stopped to ask WHERE you were going?

Anyway, the entry was very interesting, interesting enough I could not get it out of  my mind, I love an entry like that. You done good Myra.

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People like, Myra, Betty and myself are not your average citizen, we move too much. But my friends here in Belmont, North Carolina think Belmont is the promised land, they would NEVER move, and have not.

Would you leave your present home, if you could take all you love with you?

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PS. Myra said in her entry, ‘we are supposed to think this is gospel?’  Or something like that. I just wanted to check for my own info.


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The 1966 Mustang


betty said...

It did surprise me about Myra's entry too about the people wanting to leave the United States. Its not perfect here, but it has so many more advantages I think than a lot of other countries. My sister and her family lived in the Netherlands for 2 years and one thing that struck me about their time there was they weren't automatically provided translators if they couldn't speak the language and had no one with them that could. They were expected to learn the language or bring their own translator. Here its amazing how many people don't speak English (that's a big gripe of mine, come here but learn the language) and I'm sure lots of money spent at different places, court systems, doctor offices, etc., to provide translation services.

We do have so many more freeoms. I guess some people think the grass might be better on the other side of the fence :)

I'm happy here, but we are wondering where to be when we retire (if that every happens :)

Good thoughts, just like Myra's.


Paula said...

I don't even have a desire to visit another country, let alone move there. God Bless America!

Jean said...

Good post Jack. I'm kind of like Paula I have no desire to move to another country. I love this little town of Opp, and hope to just stay here until! This first day of May is a little cool here. I would like to work outside, but not with a coat on. Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No No No and No. I do love my hometown and even though I don't like the winters here, I'll probably never move. I was born here, raised here and lived here all these years. I wouldn't like living in any other country either. I'm proud to live in the USA. I would like a place on the beach, that would be my only incentive to move and we have plenty of them in Ohio. It's been a lovely Saturday here and I got to get out and enjoy some sunshine ! Just about perfect !

Rick Watson said...

I think every place in the Universe has good points and bad.
There are many places I'd love to visit, but none I'd like to move to.
I guess I'm in that small percentage that believes, even with all the crap, this is still a great place to live.

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jack! :)
You raise some pretty good points (like strangers demanding to know where you're going) I'd not thought of.

One of our good friends is married to a fellow from Croatia -- they enjoy 6 months here, 6 months there. Another acquaintance is married to a gal from Canada ... they enjoy the same freedoms.

Since I'm rather fond of Tom, I don't think I'll be shopping for a foreigner anytime soon... lol! When all's said and done I'm pretty sure we'll wind up near my son and his family in Alabama.


I'd leave where I live in a heartbeat and move to another state if the opportunity presented itself. It has not been in our best interests to reside where we're at for the past 28 years. SAD but true.