Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bumper stickers

It is about that time, I saw a ‘Ben Carson’ sticker today. They are permanent, I still see a Bush/ whathisname sticker every once in awhile. I even saw a McCain/Palin sticker the other day.


I have stuck a few bumper stickers on my BUMPER at times. I actually put a Ross Perot sticker on my truck when he ran. But once the bumpers disappeared so did my desire to use the bumper stickers on my PAINT.


Actually they are some of the best advertisements, I have no idea if they have ever swung ONE vote for or against.


The some folk are addicted to the stickers. I see stickers that say “This Car Climbed Mt Washington”, I take that one seriously, then there is one that reads, “This Car Climbed Mt. Dora”


Many folk who go to Key West come back with the US-1 mile marker O sticker and/or “I Rode the Conch Train”.


I never did see my favorite one for sale or I would have put it on my truck when I was working, I liked the one that read, “MY Boss is a Jewish Carpenter”.


Always be careful of the cars with the bumper sticker that says Follow me such as: Follow This Car to the Best Church in the World”. They just might be going to the store or a club, One never knows.


I really do not like the ones that say, “My Dog is smarter Than your Honor Student” OR “My C student can whip your honor student”

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Do you like ‘em?  Do you use them? What is the best one you have seen?



bumpersticker ATT00015Bumper-Sticker- Prius-Bumper-Stickers-007

Must be cheaper than a paint job!


Made from cans


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I have two on my truck....."Wag More - Bark Less" and ASU Mom....!!

Paula said...

I kind of collect bumper stickers but I have them mounted on the garage wall. I have two favorites. "I'm A Longhorn Grandma" and "Don't Mess With Texas".

Unknown said...

I like the can cars, very creative.
One year (long ago when our church had a choir), we choir members were given a little flag sticker to wear on our clothes the Sunday nearest the 4th of July. Afterward I put my on my bumper. It is amazing how long it has lasted. It's my only bumper sticker. I do like the one that asks "Are you following Jesus this closely?"

betty said...

I don't have any bumper stickers on our cars; just really didn't get in the habit of putting them on. I do like to read them though. Even though I know you don't like them, I would have gotten the bumper sticker "My corgi is smarter than your honor student" which probably could have been the case :)


Jackie said...

Don't like bumper stickers on my car....but don't object to seeing them on others' cars.

Rick Watson said...

Mine says , Trout Unlimited. I'd love to find the one that says "Paddle faster, I hear banjos."


shirl72 said...

I don't see many bumper stickers
anymore. I think they are on that
car you showed..I guess we need to
have one to put on our car saying
Matthew graduated with honors..
Wonder if it changes any bodies mind
when they see bumper stickers--vote
for ????? at???? or shop???
Need to have a survey...

Mevely317 said...

This reminds me of our church youth group's obsession with bumper stickers. We'd been forbidden to 'decorate' our counselor's vehicle, which of course made it much more appealing. Soon, his vehicle bore not one - but several - "Pat Paulson for President" stickers. In retrospect, his wife must have wanted to tar and feather us. (I would!)

These days if I see those stickers, I'm guilty about making judgments about its occupants. Awful, but true.


I have never put a bumper sticker on my car. Ruins the car IMHO. Though some of them are interesting to read.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have had some stickers on my car. I love the magnetic ones the best, right now I'm driving a car I bought from one of my sons so I inherited his and they are the kind that won't come off so I live with them. He has one on there from his trip to France. I've never been there, but don't mind if people think I have. Ha!