Saturday, May 23, 2015

My e-mails are more encouraging!

I stated earlier in a Blog entry that my e-mails were scaring me. I was getting ads for walk in tubs, the best assisted living centers, good quality senior homes, three footed canes, grave plots and cremation.


This week I am getting encouragement to apply for nursing training online, YEAR long cruises and now this, Apply and work for a Psychology degree.  Then I am torn because I am tempted by the last one, “Look like you are 40 when you are 80”. Now that one sounds good. I am only a few years from 80. I should probably start working on that now.

Yeah, I know BS when I hear and read it:

Cure your Diabetes in 20 days.

Have a full head of natural hair in three weeks.

Eat this and NEVER forget, ever again.

Lose weight and eat what you want.

I read these titles to e-mails and I remember the times as a kid I was fooled by the ads on comic books. Did you ever do that?


I must have written for information on the Charles Atlas Muscle building  course ten times (but then they wanted more money once you got the carrot). The ad showed a muscle man kicking sand in a little guys face on the beach and walking off with his girl friend. Then in just a few short weeks of Charles course, the Kid gets even with the muscle man. I wanted to do that. (I was still a skinny kid)


I actually ordered a “real” log cabin play house $1.00 + .50 handling. I was one excited guy. It came as a big plastic bag with printed logs that had to be draped over a card table and cut the door out. (SHUCKS)



My most disappointment was the ad for Army Walkie Talkies. ‘These are not plastic toys, they are completely wireless, talk to your friends,’ only… $1.00 + $.25 handling.’'


Little Jackie is excited, I was looking for a big package. I received a brown flat envelope. It was NOT PLASTIC and it was WIRELESS.   It was two printed pasteboard walkie talkies that you had to fold an glue and they were attached by a string (NOT WIRE).


I have often wondered how those companies got away with those ads that only kids ordered. (SMILE).


I think these companies still have my name with sucker beside it.

Maybe it has taken 70 years to learn something I have heard all my life, “If it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS”

Nite Shipslog


Did you ever order anything from a comic book?






This Merc was new when I ordered from comic books, 1948


Paula said...

I don't think I ever ordered anything from a comic book but I had a big box of them under my bed and we would all trade each other one for one. I was big on pen pals and those boards (can't remember the name) where you get people to scratch off a spot and pay the amount trying to win a prize. Every afternoon when I get comfortable with my nap some telemarketer calls. I have learned to be rude.

Mevely317 said...

Funny post, Jack!

The only advertisements I remember from reading comic books were for Daisy Rifles. Never mind that I was a girl ... I (thought) I needed that Daisy Rifle - to go with my Davy Crockett hat.

I know what you mean about the tone of these e-mails. Marketing is sneaky business, isn't it? A couple of years ago, right after Tom was diagnosed and things looked bleak, we began getting advertisements and e-mails for cremation. Poor taste!

betty said...

I don't think I ever ordered anything from a comic book; I do remember the ads and they did seem like great bargains. Sadly, I think you proved here they really weren't bargains indeed but lots of scams.


JeanJournal said...

AS wegetolder we begin to remember the PAST more and are glad we can still REMEMBER ~ I was 83 on May 15th and in perfect health (no doctors meds feel good and doing things AS ALWAYS ~ (just forgetting things) I will cook a meal and when my daughter wants to know what was supper? when she calls a few hours later~~~ I DON'T REMEMBER ~(an example of the memory problem)I enjoyed the funny post~made me smile ~ JeanJournal

Stephanie Faris said...

I remember wanting X-ray glasses because the boy I had a crush on was in the classroom next door. Glasses would let me see him through the wall and stare at him all day. I never thought about the fact that people would SEE that I had the X-ray glasses on, even if they did work! Luckily I never ordered them, so I never got to see that they didn't work.

shirl72 said...

Never ordered anything. I think
it should have been a crime to fool children. I would think that was false advertisement. When we were kids we would believe what we read or what they would tell us. The one I wish was true when they advertise facial will
make you look younger in 2 weeks.
So advertisers are still trying fooling us..."Life goes on".


Scams are everywhere looking for our money. You have to avoid them. I just delete the spam I get online. Nothing else you can do.

Rick Watson said...

I didn't order anything but I looked those ads long and hard:) I mean, who wouldn't want ex ray glasses?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess there were spammers even before the name became popular with the internet. There is always someone trying to sell something out there. I don't remember every buying anything from an ad in a comic book, magazine or the computer. I like to see what I'm getting when I buy it. Going shopping in a store is best for me.