Monday, May 4, 2015

An official visitor

Master Jude Atticus Darnell arrived for a few hours with the greats.  Grandpa Jack Jr brought him around 10am. He had the normal stuff,   a small ‘loops ’piece of cloth( a square piece)’  of quilted stuff, with colorful loops.)  He likes that it is his security blanket me thinks.
Then Jack Jr. Left and I had my buddy JUDE. I am really good with kids. (as you can see)
After he had enjoyed a good cry he went to Great Grandma.
No problem. I had him good and tired for that bottle Great GRandma had ready..
Then I took Jude for a ride.
Then Stella came over to talk, she loves the driver’s seat..
Jude really liked the recliner.
I never found out what it was, then the look in Stella’s face said, “we are conspriring against G-Granda.
A lot went on, this past Sunday, we had a ball, then Stephen came to gather Jude up after Sherece cut his hair.
Here is Grandson Stephen with Great grandson Jude. He is an easy guy to watch.

I made all the Grandsons ‘bucket seats’ when they were growing up. I dug Stephen’s out, He did not remember it, but then he was two years old when I made it,
NIte Shipslog
PS: The Lean- to is finished will tell about it in the near future.
andyou thoughtdog

And then sometimes the Horse needs a ride…


betty said...

How fun with the visits from the greant-grands :) Jude is getting so big!! Both are adorable; glad you guys had a chance to visit!


Paula said...

Looks like you're a fun grandpa but then you have Sherry to fall back on if they cry, huh? Cute kids!


What a fun day for Jude and Stella, you and Sherry. Love that ride buggy you took Jude in. Very cool. Sweet pics.

Mevely317 said...

Not sure what it is about a grown man and a baby, but these photos had me going, "awww' all over the place! :)

When you use the designation, "Master", my heart smiles. I remember my son receiving cards from my folks which were addressed that way. Sort of a shame that went out of vogue, isn't it.

salemslot9 said...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You can't beat having visitors like those two. They are cuties for sure. Having 4 generations all together is a wonderful thing. You, your son, grandson and great grands made some wonderful new memories together. Glad the shed is done now.