Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Bird family

Can anyone tell me who this bird is? Okay, what species is he? He actually looks like a sparrow with  red starting at his upper breast to his head. There is some red on his back.  I declare I watched birds at home and in the woods here in NC growing up and I never saw this bird.


The closest I can come is this Red Crossbill, from the netCapturea

There is a family of these nesting over our car. They do poop on the car if I don’t pull it in far enough. We get a great view from our swing.  They are interesting to watch.  The entire family now is watching them.  From where I sit I can watch them eat the seeds I have out, I even have a hummer at times at the same time. I put a water jug out since our weather has been so dry.



Since my  zoom is gone on the camera it is hard to see them for the poop of the mama and daddy. They are messy house keepers.


We finally go to count beaks today, there are four. We are leaving on vacation, two weeks in the mountains. I imagine the birdies will be flying by then.  If not we will get a chance to see them learn.

Bird watching is fun, even Stella is into it.  I am amazed at the animal instincts. When to start feeding them bugs and worms seems a tough call, but they do it with no problem.

Nite Shipslog


I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend.


1946 Olds

I labeled 1946 Olds, but this is the 1948 Olds. I searched for the first car after WWII and this is what was shown.


I am almost certain, the first car offered after WWII was this 1946 FORD

1946  Ford



Bird watching is one of the most joyous things, it's true. Enjoy every minute.

betty said...

Could be a purple finch

We have similar here.

How cute with your family of birds. They are so fun to watch! I can spend hours doing so :)

How fun with the vacation in the mountains in a few weeks! Hopefully the weather will be nice for it :) Seems like strange weather over various parts of the country these days.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Birds are fascinating but are messy too when they are nesting. We have a brown wren in the bird house in the back and I love listening to here sing as she flits about. Hope you enjoy your vacation in the mountains!

Mevely317 said...

Perhaps your newcomer is here on a foreign exchange program?
Sorry, I know next-to-nothing about birds.

.....but their interactions are always amusing!

Unknown said...

I'm guessing it's a house finch (which is somewhat similar to the purple finch mentioned by Betty).
I like Cornell's "All About Birds" website.

Paula said...

It is a pretty bird but I don't know many by name even though I feed all time.

Elizabeth said...

It is a beautiful bird ! I enjoy watching them as well as listening to them also. Our neighborhood is called "Songbird" after we moved in, I knew why,they are constantly singing and I love it!Enjoy the mountains!

Lisa said...

Looks like some sort of Dove to me. The way its sitting, leaning more on its breast. I love bird watching too.

shirl72 said...

I love bird watching. I have
3 place that I feed them. The
red birds love the sunflower seed.
They will sit on my deck and sing.
They can also sing loud...Hope you
are having a nice vacation in the