Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day, and just a little on BIRDS



This is a very important holiday,  One that carries the backbone of our nation. Those who gave all that we might enjoy this life and day.


I try, but I cannot feel the deep sorrow, because I have not experienced it.. But God bless the families that have been left with loving memories.


Rick said it  Very well at:


There are many good writers that brought tears to my eyes. I think many times during the year of our fallen warriors. God bless and keep their memory alive.

  Jemal-Countess    memorialday2 

I got a big smile tonight from the Scooter Lady at

 How many times does that little statement jump into most of our lives.

In the end, there is mourning……………

Then there is that sweet lady who touch me tonight when she placed her Grandma’s writing in her blog about an incident back in 1906. Sweet Myra:

I always get a smile inside when I read something that especially touches me.

This is like the Chatty one and “WITH a little Help from my friends”.  Thanks you guys for making my evening or early morning.


Yes Myra, Birds and animals mourn!

Please enjoy this Memorial Day, and remember the reason.

Nite Shipslog


If you read comments you know that Betty and MA always say it right. I see them on many blogs.

We are now in the Lenoir area for two weeks, we had a good trip. Although it did not start off too well. More about that, maybe tomorrow.


1906 Mason car

This car was new when Myra’s grandma was touched by a Robin. This is a 1906 Mason Car (I always want to say a Mason Jar)


A job well done, means….. thinking what you are doing. (This man knows, this could be him on his next tour!)


betty said...

I too cannot fathom the grief of losing someone in a war; I am thankful though people are willing to go to fight for our freedom. I wish there would be a time of no wars, but I know that is not going to be happening any time soon.

I did enjoy Myra's grandmother's essay; it was so poignant and heart wrenching I do believe.

Enjoy your "little" getaway!


Paula said...

The pictures of family by the tombstone of their loved ones is heart breaking. I like the Mason car.

Mevely317 said...

Say, thank you for the sweet shout-out, Jack!

I like what you said about Memorial Day being the backbone of our nation. Great analogy! These photos are all heartbreaking.

Glad to know y'all arrived in Lenoir safe and sound! I'll be back tomorrow night (or the night after) to hear of your 'uh-oh.'

Glenda said...

Another heartfelt and wonderful read, Jack. Thank You!


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to you and Sherry. These pictures you posted of those mourning at the grave sites of their loved ones are forever etched in my memory, particularly the dog. So poignant. To feel such grief is difficult indeed. Ps) thanks for the scooterladyridesagain shoutout. I am glad I gave you something to smile about.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I read many of the same blogs that you do and they are all good ones and appreciated too. They also brighten my day with comments. Just like you do, most every day. Having a loved one in the military I know about but thankfully they made it home safely. I mourn with those that have lost family and friends to war. My heart breaks at the overwhelming amount of lives lost. I got chills looking at your pictures and thought that that could have been me. My heart goes out to them all. Glad you are safely camped in the mountains and will be looking for your post with what happened. Hope you both have a terrific Tuesday !