Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fender skirts, hood ornaments, flicker bars and curb feelers


I don’t know the use for fender skirts, but they sure were cool in the 1950’s. I believe Ford made better use of the  esthetic affect. There was also a period of time we lowered the rear end of a car, I don’t know why, we just did.



Some folk don’t realize the hood ornament was more than a decoration or a car model’s signature. When dad was teaching me to drive, he used the hood ornament. His instructions,  Always keep the hood ornament aligned with the ditch on your right and you will say straight.  When parallel parking he said pull up beside the car in front of the parking spot and start backwards, when your hood ornament gets even with the car’s front door, start turning the the steering wheel to the right and  then when the hood ornament gets even with his back tire, start turning the wheel to  the left, you  will slip right in.  It always worked for me. I was a little lost when they removed the hood ornaments. (You must remember that was without power steering.  LOL).


White wall tires were cool also. scuffed up whitewalls meant you did not drive too well. So some man invented the Curb feelers. If you paid attention, you never scuffed the white walls.


Hubcaps were first invented to keep dirt out of the bearings and hide the lug nuts. When cool guys could afford it they replaced the hubcaps that were born on the car with a custom set, they were expensive, but worth it, I guess, to be cool. I definitely could not afford to ‘waste’ that much money.


I am getting nostalgic working in our storage building. I read some love letters from my wife today. I ran across a book I made of her letters and the pictures she sent on my Last Med-cruise, before we started sending cassette  tapes (recorded letters). I also saw the Avon, ‘55 Chevy she bought me once.  I still have it.


I guess this also proves I am old, not only being tired after only 10 hours of work, but thinking OLD.   hahahaha.

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Tomorrow I might have the lean-to ready for some pictures.




A 1950’s custom A general Motors vehicle, methinks maybe a 1951 Chevy?


betty said...

Cool with the pictures if they are ready to share of your work on the lean to Jack! How cute with the hood ornaments lining up just right for driving practice years ago!


Mevely317 said...

I never considered hood ornaments being used as 'guide-posts.' (For lack of a better term.) Except for the occasional Mercedes, I miss seeing them on 'ordinary' vehicles.

To be honest, the first photo made me wrinkle my nose. Then again, I don't think too many late-model vehicles are especially attractive either. Good thing, since my '05 Camry needs to last me another 20-30 years! LOL.
(What decade do YOU think produced the prettiest models?)

shirl72 said...

When Dad was teaching me to drive he
did the same thing Line the hood
ornament with the right side of
the road. Dad said I was a good
driver and he would let me drive
him to his engagements to Churches
on the District. We had a wonderful
and patience DAD.


Those were the days when cars were cars. I love hood ornaments. Cars back then were works of art to be appreciated. Nowadays they all look the same. Sounds like your trip down memory lane was fun and sentimental.

Paula said...

Some sleek cars. I remember the feelers and skirts. Think I told about someone stealing my brother's fender skirts at a Naval Reserve meeting so the next week my brother and cousin were late going in so they could steal them back.

jack69 said...

In answer to the question by Myra:
(What decade do YOU think produced the prettiest models?)

Of course I liked the 1950's I liked the suspense of the unveiling of the newest models. When they came into town they were covered in canvas and were unloaded after dark. LOL.....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember all those things. The fender skirts, the hood ornaments, the whitewall tires and the hub caps. Cars were definitely more ornamental than now. I remember too the takes I spent shinning up all those ornamental features till they sparkled. Now my poor old car is lucky to get a bath twice a year. Going through stuff and finding love letters is a bonus. I know I've a few stashed away someplace. Nice to slow down and take time to smell the roses at times. Sounds like you did need a break. It's going to be another lovely day here. So nice to finally be warmer!

Rick Watson said...

Those cars were (are) remarkable. The 50s and early 60s were the high-water mark in the American automobile industry.
The cars today are more functional, but none can touch the beauty of the old beasts.

Imed said...

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