Thursday, May 14, 2015


I won’t say I hate pillows, I don’t. BUT sometimes I think there are too many on the beds and the couch. Yeah I know it is cool, ‘the THING’ and decorative, but what do you do with them when you are using the furniture.


We checked into a motel last weekend and there were 4 pillows on each bed. Now it is a fact too many pillows is not good for your health and well being     (I just made that fact up).


Sherry gives me two pillows. a big fat one and a skinny flat one. At night she takes the fat one to add to her two, I only use the flat one, I am not a BIG pillow-type guy. Everyone of the pillows at the motel were FAT pillows. I finally got one and beat the  center down.summer-patio-furniture-cushions

It is a conspiracy by whoever makes these cushions and pillows. Some real PR work was done, I think we went from ‘a pillow a person’ to an average of  6 pillows/cushions per person per household. (Another fact I just created)  There is definitely a person somewhere in the world whose share of pillows I have.


When we visit someone and the couch is full of cushions I don’t know what to do. Do I sit on them, Do I pick one up and hug it while sitting on the other 15? (Another lie  I mean fact I just made up.)

But is there a real reason for so many cushions?


Now, I feel much better.

Nite Shipslog (on one pillow)


Now that I have ranted, I really do not care how many pillows you have, I just do not understand it. Sorta like I don’t understand fifteen ear rings in each ear. Every one knows God created the ear lobe to hang only one ear ring on. ……………………. (Didn’t HE?)


Pillow CArs…. Or car Pillows

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Jackie said...

Agree....and agree!

Jackie said...
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betty said...

I don't like a fluffy pillow; makes it hard to sleep with and gives me a neck ache. Usually when we are at motels, they tend to be fluffy so I just don't sleep with a pillow. My pillow is so flat it might not even be called a pillow, LOL. I desperately need to replace it but then I'll have to break in a new pillow, not sure I have the stamina for that :)


Rick Watson said...

We are pillow poor too and they wind up spending more time on the floor than on the couch:)

shirl72 said...

Those car pillows are cute..

There was a movie "Pillow Talk" in 1959 with Doris Day and Rock Hudson it was a romantic comedy. Maybe that is the reason pillows are so

Paula said...

I swear you and I much have been brother and sister in another life. I like one flat pillow to sleep. My daughter gave me a matching set for my bedroom with all those different shapes of pillows to match the curtain, comforter etc. Know where they are? On the floor in a corner. Another thing while we're on the subject what do you think of those heavy heavy comforters people are using now days? It wears me out to make up the bed when I go to my daughter's house to sleep over. Now I feel better too.

Mevely317 said...

Smiling out loud over here!
I LOVE pillows of all kinds -- in someone ELSE's home.
You know, that's one of the biggest sources of guests' beefs in the hotel industry. Hard to please all the people all of the time!


On the bed I have to have a fluffy hard pillow. But too many pillows on the couch end up on the floor. Pillows pillows everywhere not my thing either. But I agree they are nice to look at.

Back Porch Writer said...

We each have 2 pillows each and two dogs and the bed gets full quick!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm one of those that probably has too many pillows. Yes, they do usually wind up on the floor !