Monday, March 14, 2016

Differently alike, WHAT?

Sherry and I have been married a long time. It has been a good marriage. I have spent the last 35-40 years trying to make up for the stupid things men do. My girl is terrific.  She even brags on my cooking.

I have been thinking of our comparability. 
She is chocolate, I am butter pecan. 
(TRUE story.)
WE were headed up the East Coast, above Virginia. Sherry wanted a cone of ice cream. We stopped at a fast food place. She ordered Chocolate. They had vanilla.  This is exactly what the young lady said, "You can get vanilla, there is not difference except the color!"  She said that to a Chocoholic!

In school she loved English, I was into anything Mathematic.
 (Sherry at Linville Falls, NC)

She graduated, I dropped out.

She is sugar, I am salt.

She is EXACT, I generalize***. If someone asks when we were in Idaho, I might say, "A couple years ago, maybe in the fall."
She will say, "August of 2012."

Candy? She is Milky Way- Hershey, I am Snicker, Mars , ZERO, Peanut plank.

She has started liking dark chocolate, we all know God created MILK CHOCOLATE!

She prefers Ice cream for a snack, I like a carrot or an Apple.
(Don't get me wrong, I do Ice Cream but prefer sherbet)

Cooking she will use measuring spoons/cups. I dump in an estimated amount.
(Down in Ruby Falls, that is my suede jacket she is wearing) 

Temperatures out or in.  She prefers 78-92 I'm okay from 20 to 100 degrees. She carries a sweater in the summer just in case the ac is too cold at stores or restaurants.
(To be honest here I think restaurants keep the temp too cold for comfort)

She likes brown sugar in her oatmeal, I like it sweet or plain.

With all our differences, she still loves me and life is great.

WE are both conservative, hate  waste.  We neither one care the size of our living quarters, We could be in 2700 sqft but are just as happy in this 320 sqft.

We both love to travel.

WE have never made it a practice of separate vacations, we enjoy each other too much.  WE traveled with the boys on the 'cheap', camping was our style vs motels.  There was a reason early on, we could not afford 5-7 days in a motel  hahaha.

(Our first camping trip together, Sherry getting  Jack Jr to take a nap)

We seem to love being around each other.  I usually get lots of kisses. Life is good as we are fortunate to be growing old together, we are EVER conscious of that.

Nite Shipslog
***Caveat on generalizations: I know her exact birthday and our exact anniversary.
Cars of 1956, the year we were married.


betty said...

I think the two of you, despite your "differences" were made for each other :) You compliment each other very well!


Yaya Snaps said...

Congratulations on your years of marriage...obviously you had enough similarities to even out the differences. :)

Lisa said...

AW! You two go together like peanut butter and jelly.
For the record, I was on your side of each one of these differences.
Congratulations on many years of marriage you got a good one!

wait....You cook?

Mevely317 said...

I'm thinking those places and spaces where y'all differ just lends a little spice to the feast. You're one in what Really Matters.

Embarrassing: I used to be able to pull exact dates out of thin air, but last month when the Social Security officer asked for the date of our marriage, I suddenly hadn't a clue! (... and that was only 11 years ago!)

Rick Watson said...

She's a good un'. Sounds like you are too Jack. A lot of people can only dream about a relationship half as good.

Unknown said...

Well, what are your and Sherry's favorite colors? Are they different as well?

Unknown said...

There is so much sugar running over my computer and my fingers are sticking to the keyboard. It is wonderful that you and Sherry have had a good marriage.
I love you both and appreciate every thing you have done for me. Life is
good and we need to enjoy every moment we have each day.