Friday, May 20, 2016

Can I be that old?

(I am posting early, sometimes it takes 8 hrs to appear)
I read something yesterday that I have probably read many times in the last few years, but yesterday? Yeah yesterday I was a little mentally tired and I read:
I didn't think I would get OLD this soon!
I remember 4 digit telephone numbers. I remember a sweet voice asking, "Number Please?" when I picked up the phone. I remember trying to pick up the phone very easy to see if the party line was busy. (I have listened on occasion :-O)

I can remember when I got a spanking in school and carried a note home to mama, I either got another lick or two, or a good sit down 'talking to'.  Most times I would have rather had the 'switch' again.  Well the teachers used a wooden paddle and mama used a switch from the hedge, that I had to retrieve for her.

Funny as I remember it, the other 'mischievous' boys would warn me, "You don't want to go to the principal's office, he has a BIG paddle with holes in it!" I never understood the meaning of 'holes in it', but I knew it must hurt worse. LOL

 Going back to the start of our trip south a couple days ago, this was our view for about 100 miles

Then we were blessed with this:

But this happened to some unfortunate driver in the downpour!

These are shots from Florida's Horse country that I mentioned yesterday! 

SPANKINGS IN SCHOOL,  I heard Mel up north got one, did you ever enjoy corporal punishment at your school?
(Of course my wife was an angel, she never got one!)
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PS: Notice I have pictures again.  Not sure what I did, but it is working again....

 1934 Packard
1954 Packard


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice to see you have pictures again. We'll hope what ever was wrong has righted itself!

Lisa said...

Why yes I did get the paddle in school. I got it for honestly admitting I talked in class while the teacher was away. The paddle had holes in it. This is some brilliant idea of air dynamics. Then the teacher cried because she had to do it. It was my first, but not the last.

No sore buns here

betty said...

Such green grass in Florida! I don't think I would have liked driving in the rain like that. Never got a spanking at school, but did have to stay after a couple of times for not behaving right.


Paula said...

Never got a spanking in school but was nicknamed "Honest Abe" for admitting I was talking while the teacher was out of the room.

Unknown said...

I didn't get a spanking but had to go to the hall and stand for talking
in class. Mother would send me outside to get a hickory switch and I would get
the smallest one I could find. They still were the good ole days.


I was an angel until the bullying started. glad the rough weather did not interfere with your travels.

Mevely317 said...

Purdy, yes. Well, except the rain. (I'm still inclined to tell people that's why I chose Arizona, because they promised it never rains!)

I hope that 18-wheeler (in the top half of your side mirror) wasn't really that close!

Rick Watson said...

Yep. I was lit up a few times. Did I deserve it? Yep? Did it damage my mental well being? Nope. I did change me. I NEVER threw annother eraser at a friend while the teacher was out of the room.

Back Porch Writer said...

I love the flowers in your windshield area. That dresses up the view of the plain interstate in the rain, huh? And the Teddy Bear gives you a friend to help watch the road when everyone asleep. Love it.

The flipped car is something that happens here almost every time it rains. People won't slow down for anything sometimes.

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday.