Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our walk as we wait (Friday entry) From Belmont, NC

We try to walk daily but we missed Thursday, I did some piddling planted a couple bushes, routed some wood and painted an outside table.

Bonnie, of Organic Discourse, put some May flowers on her blog. I do not know the names of many flowers, but we do see some beautiful ones as we walk.

 Above is a red trumpet looking beauty. in the same yard, just up the street from us as we start our walk.

 Above flowers of many in the trailer park we walk thru.. This park is on the river. I know the City Council regrets approving the park. But it is a well cared for park. Sherry and I have no aversions to a trailer park since many of our early years were spent in trailer parks.

 We walk across this RR track (1/2 mile up from here) then over the track on this bridge. Sherry could not stand over the train when the cars came thru stacked two containers high, as these were, it appears they are going to hit the bridge, especially at this speed.  I have been wanting to catch a train while on the bridge as we walked, I finally did.

 Above two are the same yard. These houses are Remodeled Sterling Mill Houses. There is a use for old plates. Evidently no kid in the neighborhood has an air rifle. (OH).

The pictures above are from the houses we walked by

Above is something I know, that is honey suckles!

 The train car above is blocking the road, it has for a week, and the RR seems to be in no hurry to move it. I actually enjoy the graffiti, I wonder how many cans of spray paint it takes to paint a train car?
 I like this ?  Sherry told me it was a Camilla or a Gardenia.
  WE are a half block from home and this field is covered with yellow wild flowers.  Yep, I love the flowers of May, if I don't know their names.

I hope the Coach is repaired today and works perfectly. Twould be nice for the weekend to sleep in our bed!

Nite Shipslog

As if I had't shown enough pictures, here is a nice truck.
 I spotted this '34? Ford truck while waiting for this WWII fighter to land in Maine.


betty said...

Always do like your walks and the scenes you share of them. Such pretty flowers and green grass! We don't have many lawns here with green grass so its nice to see them featured here. Glad you caught the train; that was a great sight to see!

I too am hoping your home will be completed today! Been gone too long, hasn't it?


Lisa said...

I love how they recycled the old mill houses. I don't really understand the plate thing, but ok, and yes your right about the kids. We may head down to Belmont tonight for the "DownTown Live" going on with beach music and more.

Hope you get your home back today!

Lisa said...

Oh And I like the Graffiti train too. I wrote a post about one 4 years ago...gosh! I've been blogging that long? wow.


Paula said...

Lots of pretty flowers here today but I don't care for the plate thing. I've seen those used before for the purpose, just not my style. We just had our recall done on our 'o6 Ford Ranger air bag. Still got one to go when the part comes in. Wasn't near the hassle John thought it would be. He would have skipped it if I hadn't pushed,

Mevely317 said...

I couldn't begin to try and identify any of those flowers ... but the homeowners' pride in ownership is sure nice.

Your bridge picture is neat! I've a real love affair with trains, and would sure like to travel by rail once more. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't begin to compare with my memories of travelling aboard the Super Chief(?) when I was little and being lulled to sleep by the rocking motion. But a girl can dream!

Rick Watson said...

I didn't get all my steps in yesterday but walking with you this morning, I got a good start on the day.
That flower is a camellia (fairly certain). We have gardenias and the flowers look as if they were carved from bone. Our bushes are huge and the fragrance is intoxicating.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hopefully you will soon have your home back. On the bright side you do have a lovely place to be while you wait. I enjoyed your walk. The flowers of May are wonderful !

Unknown said...

I suppose you meant you caught the train with your camera.;-)
I almost caught a train with my camera yesterday. I was at a stoplight and heard a train in the distance. When I turned left and saw the crossing lights blinking, I reached over to the seat beside me and started getting my camera ready. Then the stop arms lifted, so I assumed the train had already passed that crossing. As I went over the tracks, I could see the train had stopped just a ways up the track. Too bad, I had already put my camera down. I "missed my train."
The white flower by the mailbox is a clematis. I have a pink one by my mailbox.


What a lovely walk you had. Pretty flowers. Found the PLATE decorations fascinating. Never saw anything like that before.