Thursday, May 26, 2016


Perception:  the way you think about or understand someone or something.
(My perception of the older Automobiles is that they had more class and character than the later models.)
I am always amazed when someone doesn't see things the way I do.  After all why wouldn't they see it my way, I am seldom wrong.(LOL)

We humans are more complicated than the other animals on earth. I can look at a guy/gal and think, "I can't believe how stuck-up they are."

Someone else will look at the same person and see them as withdrawn or shy.

I have a dear friend who spent time in prison. He is one like able guy, he really is. If you met him today you would never think he has a 'sorta' dark past. We were distant for many years and I lost track of him. Business happened to bring us back together. I used his company for some subcontracting jobs.  Distance they had to travel to my jobs prevented more inter action.

He was telling me what one of his fellows in jail said to him once, it was: "Come on xyz, lie to me, I love it when you lie to me." One thing xyz was not, was a 'story-teller' (mama's word for liar).  xyz is probably retired now. The last time we were in the small town where they live , I could not find him. 

I forgave him easily for his 'big mistake' because I 'perceived him' as a good guy, even if his ambition had overstepped his common sense. 

I forgave easily because I like him. I know folks who will never forgive him because they perceived him as a loud-mouth, completely differently than I see him.

I do like to think my judgement is good, but I have been 'conned' (not in a mean way) by outside appearances. I had another dear friend I thought was a millionaire, but he died absolutely broke and deep in debt. Me, being that wrong, hurt my ego. "How could I have been so gullible?"  BUT I still remember him as a great guy and friend.

Yeah, and when someone gives you the job of cutting the cake or pie and specifies, "Make sure you cut the pieces small!"  (If it is their cake, better have them define their perception of 'small', LOL)

Ever have a situation due to conflict of 'perception'?

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Lisa said...

Like you, I see people as stuck up while my husband tries to assure me that they just may be shy. I also knew a person once that everyone he met, they precieved him as a good guy and thought I was to think otherwise. I knew him as the complete ooposite. He later ended up in prision.

Continue forgiving

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I found that I'm not a good judge of character and that people are rarely who I perceive them to be. So I've learned to be open to possibilities where all are concerned. Some that I thought the worst of turned out to be the best and visa versa. I also tend to draw myself in to my own little world and everything and everyone is pretty wonderful here. It's a good place to be but not always a reality at all. I rather think the best of people even though proven wrong.

betty said...

I think its human nature to have perceptions about people that aren't necessarily who they really are. Sometimes they may say something and we take that one thing to represent all of them where it might be just a small part of them. When son was younger there were friends of his that I didn't really like, but I had to remind myself that they might not always be like that and indeed over time some have changed.


Mevely317 said...

A co-worker and I were just talking about the same thing this afternoon! He painted a very different picture about a few colleagues who I always believed were nice people and who liked our boss.

While I'm apt to form hasty decisions - and will probably continue to do so - it's not much fun when you feel like you've just rolled off the turnip truck.


I'm a soft touch and believe what I'm told, usually. But my intuition often kicks in to INFORM me I'm being conned.