Tuesday, May 3, 2016

While we wait

I have built for folk 'who just could not wait' to get into their new house.  Any set back was like finger nails on a chalk board. I understand businesses must keep jobs lined up so there is no break in income to pay the employees.  I said, I understand it, like a homeowner waiting for a new dream home, I don't like it. LOL.

But, as we wait I have kept busy with things that need to be done here at our home base. I spend one day replacing some weather damaged wood.  I have also re-floored my little utility trailer.

During that time I have introduced Stella to 'Tree Frogs'.  I am not sure that is correct, but that is what I have always called them.  I placed some 2" PVC pipe in my planters to get water to the roots. while watering one I saw this dude down in the pipe:
Stella was thrilled, the next day I found his brother or sister here sleeping on one of our metal uprights. They both waited to be introduced to Stella and her mom.
Word today about our 'Wheelestate' is, it should be ready by Thursday afternoon, latest. (I stole 'wheelestate' from one of Lisa's comments. Thanks lady!)

Stella's secret  friend is still active. Today she  made a necklace and bracelet for her secret friend and put it in the mailbox and raised the flag.

I hope the next entry is from our home or wheelesate.

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Rick Watson said...

Wheelestate. I love the terms folks make up. This one is perfect. It must be frustrating waiting on your life to get back to normal.

betty said...

Wheelestate, how cute!! Cute too with the tree frogs. I bet Stella so enjoyed that and I bet she keeps looking for them!

Hope by the weekend you guys will be "smooth sailing" back at home. I know you both are itching to do so!


Mevely317 said...

How fun for Stella! Won't she be thrilled when she gets a thank you note for the necklace and bracelet? :)

The tree frogs are precious ... in pictures. I don't know if I was more horrified or just surprised when I went to brush my teeth and spotted one peeking up at me from the drain in my mother's guest bathroom.

Unknown said...

Hope you get you Wheelestate back that is funny took me a minute to figure
it out...I'm slow. Well I looked out this afternoon and a possum was eating
my bird's food. I haven't seen any tree frogs. That is funny about Stella's
friend. She is a smart girl and I know she is having fun with you and Sherry.

Paula said...

Know you two are anxious. I love Tree Frogs. Haven't heard one in a long time.

Lisa said...

Fingers crossed that you get your "Wheelestate" back Thursday. I hope its all fixed up and ready to roll. Your time spent grounded seemed like time well spent.

Good luck

Unknown said...

A frog in a pipe--what a cute picture!
The secret friends' mailbox sounds like loads of fun.
I hate waiting on repairs, too, but occupying yourself in the meantime is the best thing you can do. Hope it runs like new when you get it back.


That little tree frog is so sweet. Glad Stella is getting to enjoy him and his family. Nature is full of special treats. Good Luck on getting your wheelesate back in place, with you in it. Fingers crossed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good you are not just sitting around while you wait. It's always best to keep going and not let difficulties stop you in your tracks. Praying you get your home back soon.