Sunday, May 22, 2016

It is supposed to be someone YOU do not know!

When you see the headlines of a traffic death,  a home invasion, auto accident, drug dealer, meth lab, etc, it is always supposed to be someone you DO NOT KNOW.

Sadly over your life time, it will turn out to be  YOU or someone you really do know.  I realize now, that I finally did get OLD, that eventually it will be someone you know, i.e.:
--We actually did know an entire small family that was murdered because of drugs.
--A very good friend of ours accidentally shot himself in the face and head and lived (the scars show it).
--We do know a family in NC that left home (the last house on the road in the subdivision). When they returned home three hours later, the lot was completely empty, not a brick left. A tornado had sat down just on their house,took the house and everything they owned and did not bother any of the neighbors houses.

Stuff like that we read in the paper or learn thru the news, and most times it is abstract.  I always hate it when I hear of a plane crash, but it has never effected me personally.   I see RV's wrecked on the interstate, but it has never been us or anyone we know, UNTIL NOW.

We know a retired Navy Chief and his wife that were leaving Florida to go home.  Last Thursday, the same day we drove down. The Day I posted about being on US 301 coming south, they were parallel on I-75 going north. After a truck passed them the wind affect, started their trailer to zig zagging and they lost it.  Losing everything they owned.  Had we chosen to come down on I-75 we would have seen the wreckage

Friends dug thru the camper parts and around to get meds and what they could salvage, and brought them back to Three Flags where the campers that were left here, found them a place to stay and a tent to store the residue they could salvage. The trailer was in pieces except for the frame.  So now, thankfully there was no injuries, but a wrecked RV joins the things that have happened to someone I know.

Oh yes, as we go through life some of those things that always happen to strangers, start happening in your small part of the planet. Then it is not abstract.

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Lisa said...

I hate to hear that About you friend but thankfully they are ok and in a safe place. You are right, you never expect something to happen to you or those you know. I experienced a friends childs life that changed over night. The kid is only 4. He will now live most of his child life at Levines. That whole family had a life change. You would have never expected it.

Yall be carefull out there,Please

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sad but true things do happen to people we know. I'm good at saying there but for the grace of God, goes I.
We never know just when or how some terrible things can happen but thankfully for the most part in my life the things have been good ones. Sorry to hear about your friends, but it sounds as if they are ok, just their RV that suffered. That is a good thing!

betty said...

It is sad with all the events you mentioned, sadder when it does affect someone we know; makes us appreciate what we have and be grateful that we were spared that particular tragedy.


Sheila Y said...

So glad your friends were okay. Did you happen to hear about a small aircraft from Alabama that crashed into a house around Raleigh, NC in Dec 2001? Derek's (Rick's son) stepfather was the pilot of that plane. Killed all three on board and we didn't know right away if Derek and/or his Mom was on there. Such a terrible tragedy, it turned out to be two other guys with him. Take care, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

... reminiscent of that '6 degrees of separation' phenomenon.

The RV-community sounds like a pretty tight-knit group. That's neat how they sought to comfort and provide shelter for your Navy chief and his wife. There by the grace of God ...

Unknown said...

I see so many things on the news of happenings on interstate. People are now shooting at people. Well I just wonder when you are going to stay put. I know when Kat and Dick were travelling he discussed it with you when he was going to stop I know you and Sherry love to travel. You know me we had to travel but we had to fly everywhere and that is not fun. Arriving finding your luggage and then checking into a Hotel, renting a car and etc. I now visit over same thing all over. Now I comfortable
stay put and enjoying each day.

Paula said...

A few years ago a plane crashed into the IRS building in Austin just a few feet from where my daughter worked when she worked there. Sure made me think and thankful.


Life is fragile. and when something like you described happens it gives us cause to pause.