Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tentatively ......

We left Florida a couple months early, we are thinking of dropping back down for a month or so.  Then Sherry tells me she wants to drive up to Norfolk (where we once lived) then cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  I have been over it many times, but she has never had the pleasure.  I took a look at the bridge information and found as a side note many folk hire a driver to drive their car across the bridge.  I always enjoyed the ride across.  I am sure Sherry will.

We both love the Lancaster, PA area.  I haven't looked at the map but maybe a trip to Lancaster might be in the works after the Bay Bridge Tunnel.  Sampson is playing at the 'Sight and Sound' theater in Lancaster county, we both enjoy these presentations.

              (Inside the tunnel)
I had never seen a 'Big Production' until visiting Sight and Sound. We always looked for outdoor dramas in the areas where we travel, and love them. But this small town and country boy was blown away by the huge productions at Sight and Sound.

We also have dearly loved friends in the area there.  They are always a breath of fresh air.  Sherry can also get her Chocolate injection at Miesse's Candies of Lancaster.

Sherry said today, "I would like to hike some on the AT."  so that can be arranged too, there is a trail crossing within 40-50 miles of Lancaster.

BTW, the new book, "The Appalachian Trail" will most likely be published by mid June.

I love thinking about travel.

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sounds like you have a nice itinerary. hope all goes according to plan.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice you can once again get on the road. Sounds like a wonderful trip coming your way !

Unknown said...

I know you both love to travel, wonder when you will say enough better slow down. We are all getting there and believe me it don't get any easier.

betty said...

I knew you guys would enjoy the planning of where your next destinations would be. That is interesting about the bridge with people hiring others to drive them across. I saw that on another bridge too but can't remember where it was. Depending on the bridge, I might hire someone myself:)

Looks like a lot of fun adventures lying ahead for the two of you, whichever way you go :)


Lisa said...

Bridges sort of scare me. Not sure why but Its the thought of one falling. However, I love crossing waters no matter how scary it is to me. Its a thrill at times.

Your journey photos are as close as Ill ever get to traveling. So thank you.

Mevely317 said...

Dream along with me ..... (Channeling Perry Como!)

I don't know I'll ever get back to that part of the country, but the Sight & Sound theater's on my bucket list!

Paula said...

Sounds like you have it all planned out. Good luck and have fun.

Rick Watson said...

I bet your gas-pedal foot is itchy:) I've never been up to that area but it sounds like a place we'd enjoy.