Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some things are a mystery

Lately I have been posting here on the Shipslog and it is from three to ten hours before it actually is posted by Google. That is strange.  I am assuming it is because of a poor cell signal.

Lately I bought some humming bird nectar and only one hummer tried it and it never came back to the feeder. I left it a few days and did not see another so I dumped it and mixed the sugar and water, 1 to 4 formula (I always add a drop or two of red color), and within hours hummers were coming by. I'm wondering why?

Where I am typing I can see the hummer feeder, I have one coming often, it is black with a white ring around it's neck.  I only have three descriptions, and none fit that description.

I used to boil the sugar water but I read on the internet that it was not necessary so I quit.  Now I just use hot water out of the faucet, is it a good idea?  Can it harm the birds?  (Yeah I am getting lazy in my old age).

I am liking the little tree frog in the 2" PVC pipe .  I speak to it a few times a day.  Yesterday there were two in the pipe.  Later one was out in the sun. The frog looks so peaceful and Stella loves seeing it also. Why does the dude seem to stay in the same place all the time?

I am no gardener, I put my tomato plants beside the chain link fence, granddaughter Reece suggested it would be a great place to tie them erect using the fence.  They get about 2 hrs of direct sunlight because of all the trees. Is that enough light?  (Also I guess this is an ignorant time to ask, after I have planted them and one has a baby tomato.)

I also found a bag of Iris's(?) on my step. So following the instructions from Miss Mary, I planted about 25 Iris's.  Now I must look up and see what an Iris is!

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Unknown said...

Your little frog is probably a night critter. So he is probably sleeping in the pipe during the day. He probably wonders why you spend all night in bed.
Two hours of sun is not really enough for tomatoes. You may get some, but probably they will be fewer and smaller.
As for your hummer, most likely it is the ruby-throated hummingbird. If you are never seeing any iridescent red at the neck, it is just probably the female you are seeing. I think NC might have a stray hummingbird of a different species every now and then, but practically speaking, the ruby-throated is the only one we have.

Unknown said...

You would not believe how my squash are full of small ones. They are still
blooming and doing great. I wish I would have planted grape tomatoes instead of the big boys. They are full of green tomatoes waiting for them to turn red..I always had good luck with the grape tomatoes They were not in the
garden shop to buy. Going out to check my garden.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The same thing has been happening with my blog posts. They don't show up till much later on I don't know why either, it's a mystery...I don't have any answers to your questions. it's all a mystery to me too!

Paula said...

I boil my water then pour it on the sugar and stir well. I/4 cup sugar to 1 cup of water. Not saying I'm an expert but they always come to it. My one tomato plant has ten little tomatoes. I bought a yard of net to cover it when the birds start pecking on them. They are still tiny.


I love mysteries. Hoping all your other followers have the answers.

Jackie said...

I found the same thing. The hummingbirds will not drink that "store-bought" red nectar that sometimes comes as a "bonus" when one buys the feeders. BUT they love sugar water that you mix yourself. Don't even bother adding the red food coloring. They will flock to the clear-water and sugar....and from what I've read, the food coloring isn't good for them anyway.'s a win/win. Mix the sugar and water and skip the food coloring. Hummers love it.

Mevely317 said...

I wonder if that 'store-bought' nectar wasn't low-cal Or vegan? No matter how they try and disguise it, birds - and my hubby - can tell the difference! :)

A bag of iris' on your step? Perhaps the work of a May Day re-enactment? No matter, I'm sure they'll be lovely.

Lisa said...

A piece of Iris will be a field of iris in a few years. They are beautiful but continue to multiply each year. I love humming birds.

Beach bound

betty said...

Blogger is so weird sometimes. I agree what Ma said about her blog posts; they used to be there faithfully in my Dashboard in the mornings for me to read, now they don't show up until the evening. Frustrating!

I can tell you what quail would like to eat, but clueless about hummingbirds. I did hear the sweeter the better?


Rick Watson said...

Hummingbirds can be finicky and I don't know why. We don't boil our water beu we use filtered water from our cold faucet and then nuke it in the microwave.
The slow upload does sound like a slow connection. I have high speed cable connection here but with all the people posting pictures of their moms on Mother's Day it was slow.
Good questions.