Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Rocks have been around forever.  Some rocks today have been exactly the same shape, place and size as they were long before Columbus discovered America.

Some rocks cause humans trouble, especially if they are where we want to plant a garden. I never will forget one of my daddy's sayings, "Don't tell me rocks do not grow.  Every year my brothers and sisters gathered them from the same field during and after plowing.  And there are rock fences around many fields in North Georgia to prove it."

Most of the readers here know Sherry ALMOST hiked the Appalachian Trail (we made it over 1800 miles). Folks who hike the AT know Pennsylvania is known as Rocksylvania. They say boots go there to die. LOL

In the same vein, while hiking we encountered the little sharp rocks 1"-4" out of the ground, 5 gallon size and some the size of cars. Huge rocks listed as the 'fat man's squeeze' where you had to remove and drag your pack thru.

Now? Rocks are now for sale for decorative landscaping. They are hauled off, cleaned up and sold back to home owners where they were dug out of the soil.

Looking back on my building days, I was very fortunate never to run into huge rocks when we were digging foundation footers, running water, electrical, and sewer lines.  Of course now when a contractor finds a rock in his way, he can sell it to help cover expenses.

I hope you don't have too 'hard' a time, with this blog entry with no pictures.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I see lots of folks using rocks in the landscaping around their homes. My favorite ones are the riverbed rocks that are worn smooth from being in the water. All different in size and shape and color too. I was able to get pictures in my posts for this morning and I think now I'll go back and enter the ones for yesterday. They do seem to make a difference.

betty said...

Funny how we do buy rocks for landscaping, but that is what we plan to do. When we lived in Prescott there were big boulders around, people built their homes around them.



My grandpa was an amateur geologist and collected rocks. I picked up the mantle becoming a rock hound myself. We both had quite a collection.

Lisa said...

When I was little, I used to think rocks grew into mountains.
Silly, I know.

From the office chair today,

Glenda said...

Rocks are stepping stones, into the next adventure:) As children, our fun times were wandering Perche Creek and there were lots of stones, usually flat with jagged edges, that we'd jump from one to another. I love to see them stacked with a waterfall built into a backyard pond surrounded by plants [preferably Palms] and lilies floating! And they do add interest into the atmosphere when placed in landscaping. Loved your entry Jack. Thank you for keeping us entertained!!!

Paula said...

I always wanted a very large flat rock for my front yard to put my house number on. Guess at my age it isn't going to happen.

Mevely317 said...

Say, have y'all been Google-earthing our yards? :)
I used to think, "How neat." Not so much anymore. If we're not careful, our pups - who've never learned the art of chasing a ball - retrieve rocks and bring inside. It's good luck getting one away from them.
-- else Tom or I am likely to 'find' one under our instep at 2:00AM while on the way ... (well, you know!)