Saturday, May 7, 2016

Nice to be home

We are just about sure the Refrigerator is getting back online. We rented a 'Rug Doctor' today and cleaned the carpet in the little studio apt. and the motor home. 

Accepting Life is very important, it keeps the stress down to a minimum and allows you the pleasure of living here and now. There are points for living now. On my last walk report I mentioned a couple train cars blocking a RR crossing for weeks.(fooled me, all the pictures I took while the motor home was gone are  down loaded on the laptop)

There is a small community just across the tracks. For many years this RR crossing was their only route OUT. During that time the RR has blocked the street for hours, and on rare occasions for a day.

If you are old enough you will remember the 10-25 cent insurance policies. Most were for $500 and parents would take out policies on the family. An Insurance man would collect weekly and note it on the little payment card. Our little town had a young insurance man who knew most everyone in town and decided to run for mayor and used this community's needing a bridge as one of his promises, "we will get a bridge built."  Someone could die down there because an ambulance could not get in or the sick could not reach a Doctor.

He won and after an uphill fight did get a nice bridge and new road just up the street. So now it the RR blocks the road as they have now, 1/2 mile drive will get them out.

The young man was Jack Rhyne, he went on to become a state representative in Raleigh.

Over all our lives are better than our forefathers. Shoot, when our kids were little we had to walk all the way across the room to change TV channels.  We had three channels in the 50-60's how many did you have?

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Mevely317 said...

Yup, I can see where accepting Life (and that we cannot change) minimizes stress. Unfortunately, I've always been the one tilting at windmills. LOL.

I enjoyed your story of Jack Rhyne.

PS - We had 3 channels, too ... 4, 7 and (I think) 13.

betty said...

Nice to see someone running for office actually keep their promise on what they are going to do while in office with Jack Rhyne building that road. Yep, life is less stressful if we just "go with the punches" some day.

Hope Sherry had a nice Mother's Day!

I think we had 4 TV channels growing up.


Paula said...

We had three channels and TV wasn't on until a certain time of day.


Glad you are safe and sound in your home. Back where you belong. Hope Sherry had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Accepting life as it is does make it better. I learned that lesson well. I too hope Sherry had a Happy Mothers Day and am so glad you are enjoying life there at home.