Monday, May 9, 2016

Snail Mail and internet

You asked, so I will tell you!
Some folk are still curious and ask how we do the internet and get our mail on the road. We are on the road many months out of the year so we use a mail service.  About every two weeks we call for our mail to be sent General Delivery to a PO nearby. 2-3 days later we have our mail.  Since we pay the postage for the re-mailing we really do not like to get magazines nor catalogs.  Like many folk we now have most of our regular bill drafted so we will not be late on payments, we hate to be late for any payment we owe.

There are times a Florida address gives us trouble, but usually Sherry can explain it to our doctors and businesses in North Carolina.  Fortunately with the cell phones now, the Doctor's office will call to remind you of appointments.  I know we are an exception and most folk who send letters, Christmas Cards or Birthday cards do not understand we may not get the card or letter in the time frame the sender may expect.  We do remind folk, but it does not always register with a business.

The internet is a larger problem because we connect via Cell/Broadband and it is too slow to download a video, and I do not know what ‘streaming’ is.  But I am told that we cannot ‘stream’.  I seldom play a video because it starts and stops as it is down loaded.  I do not understand video formats, but some download faster than others.  The same with pictures, many times I get little blocks instead of the intended picture.

None of the problems will cause us to stop traveling, but I do tell Sherry I will enjoy ‘really fast’ internet if we ever have it on a land line.

Speaking of traveling.  We  have not decided where or when we will go, BUT WE WILL GO!
But, but it will be after Sherry’s next planning session for her upcoming 60th High School reunion.

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Rick Watson said...

Hey Jack,
The world keeps spinning when we don't get mail or email:)
I think I'd prefer the road to most anything I get get in the mail.

Lisa said...

You are doing just fine with what you have. Like Rick said, the road is better than mail. Ill just remember to send your Christmas Card in October. hahaha

Hope Sherry enjoys her reunion.

Unknown said...

The baby and dog are so cute. The mail is not very interesting any more, water, lights, gas bills the things that keep me going. You know me I
not much of a traveller but I did like Hawaii and LV.

Paula said...

Mail call was always the high light of my day but not so much anymore with e-mail. If I didn't have the illnesses I have now maybe I could travel and not worry about my mail. Have fun wich ever direction you decide to go.

betty said...

I bet you are having fun deciding where to take off to!


Anonymous said...

Kids are very eager to know about new things. I too will enjoy to know new things!

Annesphamily said...

It is always nice to stop in and say hello. I m trying to catch up everywhere these days. Our oldest son married April 30 and the youngest needed a lift home from college in Kansas. We have been busy catching ourselves coming and going. Now hopefully we can have a bit of rest. You always have a story to tell. Good luck and safe travels to you and Sherry. Enjoy!


Like paula getting mail is the high point of my day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Slow internet is better than no internet at all. Enjoy your travels wherever you go!