Monday, May 23, 2016

WHAT??? New to me.

Sunday we decided to go to the Flea Market because I wanted some 4" suction cups in working with some stubborn windshields. We drove up US 301 towards Ocala and turned at "32nd Street Road", what? When I was looking into building a subdivision (I never did), I became familiar with Lane, Street, Road and Drive.  As far as I can remember I had never paid attention to a Street Road before.

I was reminded that driving thru Sarasota, Florida was the first time I had ever seen a "Fifth-Third Bank", I understand it is a large Corporate bank, but the name just hit this country hick as funny. 

Florida has introduced me to some names that do make the unlearned guy smile. We  drive past a church here named, "Holy Ghost in The Hills", I always think, 'holy molly Batman'.

Sunday at the flea market we bought fresh corn, lettuce,  tomatoes (reg & grape), cantaloupe, blueberries (Sherry's breakfast fruit) . Our plan on the way to the market was to come back by a new restaurant in the area.  BUT the fresh veggies changed the plan.

You probably have never ate a 'mater samidge', but it has always been  a favorite of mine.  I learned later in life it was actually a tomato sandwich.  So we came home and had tomato sandwiches.  I like lettuce on the sandwich when we use bologna, ham or bacon. 

Once Grandsons Corey and Ben were visiting from Utah and Sherry served a Tomato and lettuce sandwich for lunch.  Afterwards Corey complimented his grandma on her 'salad sandwich'.  We got a kick out of that.

My girl pointed out that I missed some grands and great grands on a blog entry. That was because the only pictures I could get to load were from Picasa, loaded years ago when doing AOL Journals. I will try here to rectify the problem if I can.


 This is Jude, I missed him on the last picture input. (Jude, Stephen and grandpa Jack)
 Stella and here mama showing off
 Ben and Elsie Back in December when they flew in from Utah
Luke the youngest Grandson, he cleans up well.

Sorry for such a long blog, but I might have found a way to upload pictures if this works.
Nite shipslog
Pushing my luck '49 Hudson (These cars were fast)


Paula said...

Speaking of strange names, one of my banks is First Convenience Bank. I don't think my income tax lady believed I had the correct name. Like all the pictures of yours and Sherry's grandkids.

Lisa said...

Oh there aint nuttin better than a good ol mater samitch. You and Sherry made a good choice. Speaking of banks. You have no idea how many times I called it Fertility bank before my husband finally corrected me, "Its Fidelity Bank!"

Hope this made you smile.

Jean said...

Grover and I will be eating fresh mater sandwiches soon, I bought four patio plants and they are full of tomatoes. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog post. You have a nice looking family to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Life is a little hard here when I'm having to do all the work around here. Grover isn't disable he can get around, but don't trust him at doing things he tore up and can't fix it back. I don't mind what I have to do just hope that I can stay able to do it. Nice pretty day up here today. Take care. Jean

betty said...

All your grands and great grands are beautiful and handsome! Glad Sherry reminded you to include the others :) I would love to have the opportunity to have one of those sandwiches, sounds so delicious!


Unknown said...

If my tomatoes will get ripe I can have a mater samidge. I can't remember
how long it takes them to turn not being a farmer I just have to guess. I could not find grape tomatoes like I always plant. Maybe I will just have
fried green tomatoes.

Mevely317 said...

A 'salad sandwich' ... that's precious! This is one of those moments I wish I could pick up the phone and share a 'cute-ism' with my mom. (Yep, she loved her some maters and lettuce.)


Love that name, 'mater samidge'. Never heard a tomato sandwich called that. But you are right they are tasty. all that fruit sounds scrumptious too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can hardly wait to have fresh veggies on the stands here. I'd be right there with you on forgetting the restaurant. Summertime is the only time we get fresh fruits and veggies here. Soon we should be getting some strawberries. No tomatoes till sometime in July. You have such a great family and I'm glad you're finally loading pictures again !

Rick Watson said...

Yep. I like em Salad samiches too.