Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Appalachian Trail, I am excited

(Sorry to post early but I could not wait to tell you guys)
Sherry and I have hiked, walked, backpacked nearly 2,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. We did not complete the trail but did drive to Baxter State Park and climb up to the Northern Terminus of the AT atop Mt. Katahdin, here is proof:
Now my excitement, my new book a historic novel: 
The Appalachian Trail, Over 2,000 Smiles (and a few groans). That white blaze beneath the sign is the final blaze of the AT.

Using the heroes of my past novels,  I give them a trip up the AT.  98% of the incidents happened. ALL the trail-names (i.e.: Pigpen, Sir Richard, Mr. President, Cricket, The ORIENT EXPRESS,etc) are real and ARE folks we met on the trail.

So here she is:
This is the shortest novel I have written,  201 pages of large (16pt) print and can be read in a day or evening. It is available now at:  for $8.50. It is also available on Amazon and Target. The e-book on Kindle  for $1.50.  Worldwide in 10 days.

I have tried to make it as interesting as it was, but that is impossible.  We met folks from at least ten countries, most of the states and Canada.

Highlights of persons:
 Freight Train... He was hiking to bring awareness to Kyle Petty's 'Victory Junction'. 
Penguin: A young lady who flew in from South Africa to hike the trail and did it in 6 months.
The Orient Express: Bill Irwin  the only blind person to do a solo thru-hike of the trail.  We were fortunate to take Bill and his beautiful wife Debra to dinner in Bangor Maine.

Sir Richard.... Flew over from the UK

The Overland Hermits: Yours truly & wife
We took this with a timer at the NC/GA border.
So the book is published, I am happy and was very nervous at trying to get it written in 200 pages.

My thanks to the proofers:
JoAnn Trull, Evelyn Funderburk and Mrs. D.

Nite Shipslog

The forest service says it takes 8 hours for the trip to the summit of Katahdin and back. (It took us  old folk, 22 hours, ;-). )

....................   .........    ............

Of course Debra Irwin drives, note the license tag, ORIENT.
(Sad note: Bill Irwin, author of Blind Courage, succumbed to cancer at 73)


betty said...

Quite a feat what you two did on the trail! I do admire you so! I look so much forward to reading what you wrote about your adventures; I'm sure it is a wonderful tale to tell!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine that this will be a great book and I know that your heart and soul are in it. You both had such wonderful experiences ! Congrats on your new book!

Lisa said...

As soon as I figure out this iPad thingy, Im gonna download the book!

You Kids are somethin!

Rick Watson said...

I got me one 'nem book on the way Jacko. I'm excited. I've got proofs of my latest book coming from CreatSpace even as we speak. Hopefully, it will be ready by mid June.

Unknown said...

Waiting for it to come to NC so I can read it and if you have extra's take
them to Jeri=Lynns


Will be sure to pick up a copy. I want your autograph, though. Can you sign my Kindle?

Jackie said...

So happy for you both....and proud of you.
You met many friends along the way. Those memories will last for always.

Mevely317 said...

I'm back and ready to warm up my e-reader!

Unknown said...

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