Sunday, May 15, 2016

The strain of age and technology

HELLO, HELLO are you there,  Hello, Hello can you hear me? That has been my Sherry on one of our phones for the last few days.  It has been over 4 years, not it is time for new phones, another grueling hour of looking at phones that are way, way smarter than we are.

We are Verizon customers, so we went to our local Verizon store. We were the only customers there the newbe had to go find his boss to help us. We were very disappointed in the workers there. After a few minutes neither Sherry nor I wanted to be there. The bottom line we were given was the only way you can get a new phone is increase your monthly payment, WHAT?

To another Verizon store and we talk to Kevin. The place is crowded, music blaring, no desks. Kevin said the music was to give privacy in the new office setting so no one could over hear your private information. anyway it was tough on me but ?sherry worked her way thru it and we now have Two new MAXX 2 MOTOROLA phones.  Much smarter than we are.

Now the process of old dogs leaning new tricks, begins, OUCH.  All the 'Apps' are interesting and neat, but I miss the phone ringing and you simply pick it up and say "Hello! a little while then hang it up."

But, but I miss the 5 cent Pepsi also.  LOL

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ps: Blogger is refusing to accept pictures and locks up. I will see if this will publish with out pictures.


Paula said...

We were just talking to a couple at Whataburger about modern phones etc. They admitted they have to ask their 11 year old son's advice on this subject. Boo boo John and I have no one around here to help us out. Sure gets frustrating sometime.

Mevely317 said...

We've been loyal Verizon customers for years; but there's no excuse for poor customer service.

I'm apt to get envious of others' new toys, then stop and remember I'm a technophobe (idiot).
You know, before he took the leap into the 21st century, Tom used to brag, "I have a smart phone. It makes calls and rings just like it's supposed to."

Unknown said...

Technology has left me way behind. I still have my old style cellphone. I don't think I would be able to work one of these new ones. I will be happy with my old one until it becomes necessary to update.

betty said...

Sorry your experience with the first Verizon store wasn't ideal. We've had Verizon since we had cell phones way back then and have always had good experiences with them. Son recently had to upgrade on his phone using my upgrade and still managed to get a good plan for less money. I think you were wise to leave that store and try another one.



We also deal with Verizon. I have a Galaxy Note. Our customer service was phenomenal. Lady sat working with us for an hour and a half. But I know what you mean. I miss the OLD phones and a simpler conversation. ENJOY your NEW toys. Without my hubby (who is 77) I would not be able to work mine.

Lisa said...

We are Verizon customers as well. We have had bad service and good service. They are always trying to upgrade and when they see we are not interested, their tone changes as if they are done with us. I love my iphone though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on the new phones. Hope they make a difference for the good. I could not load pictures this morning on my blog either and it takes half a day for it to show up even without pictures. The sun is out here this morning and very appreciated anyway! Hope you both have a great Monday !

Glenda said...

Wow, having traveled extensively in the early 2000s I found that for most of the country VZ was the best, except for remote areas of Kansas and Nebraska where I worked for an extended time and had to sign up with AT&T. Have had Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, Verizon as well as Strait Talk from Walmart, which was great. Found only one area on a drive trip to Missouri [Chillicothe on the trip from Moberly with Mom to St. Joseph to meet up with you and the others ~ the time we sat at a picnic table and ate Florida mangoes from my tree]. I went back to VZ when I wanted an iPhone as Walmart didn't offer --- now they do --- am out of contract and have the paperwork in front of me to see if my 5s is eligible! Cheap plan AND Walmart buys the cell tower from Verizon, I'm outta there if possible. Had to take a break and catch up with the Darnell's. Miss ya :)