Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just sitting here thinking

It is late and I should be in bed. Ever have a night like that? I usually have plenty to do, but tonight I am just thankful for my life.  We went to Stella’s first T-ball game of the year today. I always get a smile out of the kids. Some sit on the field and play in the dirt, seemingly oblivious that they are involved in a ball game. One kid walked off the field, mama pointing him back to the field and he walks to a cooler and gets a drink out, takes a drink, then walks back on the field, like mama or coaches are not there. I was thinking after we got back home, we grown-up are like that at times. We forget life is real, we are in the game, but we go about our own way ignoring our team mates.

So tonight, thinking about that,  I took my girl in my arms and asked if she had a few minutes, she did. We sat on the couch and smooched a little. Forgetting I have a hole in the Motorhome to patch, oil to be changed and a light to be fixed. I forget who sings it, but I quoted the words, “I’m so glad you came into my life, thank you baby!”  We do sing that line to each other many nights at bed time.

We kissed and I broke one kiss with a laugh and said to my sweetheart, “Remember? I could kiss you for miles as you lay across the front seat with your head on my chest?” (Traffic was light back in 1955, and I had a ‘Necker knob’ on the ’48 Chevy.) We took some time to reminisce.  To remember teenagers in love, when commitments weren’t lightly taken and I had the most beautiful girl in the world (still do).

She looked up at me smiling and said, “Do you realize we have been married nearly 60 years?”

I said, “Yeah, fun ain’t it?”

We talked about how blessed we are to have each other after over 60 years together.  I have known couples who were married 60 years and could barely walk. Today we walked about five miles and enjoyed the company.

Lucky? Yep!  Blessed? YOU BET! We were married in 1956, we have had our ups and downs like many folk, but we are still together; mostly because of her.  I have learned (albeit slow) that a woman in love carries way over half the load.  Lord knows I love the lady I can see back in OUR bed, sleep reading. ;-)

Nite Shipslog
I know you get tired of seeing that '48 chevy...

And the 1955 Chevy I borrowed to go ask her for the first date, knowing this brand new car woud impress her (I hoped).


Lisa said...

Now this is just the sweetest post. You two kids are cute! I love to read about couples in love and staying that way. Thats a rare find now days. Never stop the cuddling and always make time for each other as you two do. The holes in life around you can wait.

Stay in the game

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always say you two are very blessed! Not many can say they've had almost 60 years together.

betty said...

I agree with what Ma said, truly a blessing close to 60 years together and to be in the great shape you guys are to enjoy life together. There is that certain advantage of marrying young :)

How fun with the T-ball game! Always enjoyable to watch the young ones play (or pretend that they are playing).


Paula said...

You two are very lucky and I'm so happy for you.

Unknown said...

I am lucky to have you and Sherry. No one knows how lonely it is until you have lost the one you have lived with for almost 50 years and cancer ends happiness. Had a good time today with all the family there to enjoy food
laughter and talking. Enjoyed seeing the twins and they seem to be happy.
Jude is cute and full of life. His Paw Paw loves Jude and Jude loves Paw Paw.

Mevely317 said...

This is the best thing I've seen all day!
Now, get some sleep :)


How sweet. Sixty years and still kissing, much less walking. A real romance lasting a lifetime. A rare gem indeed. Good for you