Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just making it

I am between confused and frustrated, or are they the same? My computer is doing somethings and ignoring others. I did find my book, thank goodness.  I think I have a valid edited 'Book Block'.  Tomorrow I will find out.

This has been a good stop time.  No rain today, that was good. I am hoping for good weather to disconnect and head south.  I think we are headed south just to go somewhere, and to see son-Mark's houses he has for sale.

Son-Mark was a very good builder  in North Carolina until his divorce and down turn.  He is now on the way to reclaiming his life.  We hold our breath and cross our fingers, then pray for good measure. LOL (funny but not funny)  With Son Mark I want to be able to take MA's advice, but instead I hold my breath. (smile) (the actions are probably not in that order!)

But he now has two houses for sale in Florida and one with a lot of land in NC, so he does have a foot up on recovering his life.  We are really not too worried, at present he has a lot going for him.  His youngest son Luke is working with him.

BUT, but just being on the road sure makes a difference in our attitudes and feelings.  As you read this (on Thursday) we will be on the road to central Florida.  

Florida raises my spirits, I love it down there.  Probably because I see folks lots older than I. HAHAHAHA

Nite Shipslog

I can't upload a picture.  But just imagine a beautiful 1957 Chevy RED convertible. 

Can you see me at the steering wheel?  I can!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope you have safe travels and enjoy the trip. I know you love to travel. Hoping all is well in Florida!

Lisa said...

It is so easy to get frustrated with technology. Glad you found your book! I was worried about that myself! I know you had to have put in many hours of writing into it.
I believe your son will be just fine. We never stop worrying about our children.

Safe travels!

betty said...

Safe travels! I told son the other day now that he is a parent he will always be concerned about his child. No matter what age, we worry especially if we see things we don't like that they are doing. Seems though Mark is doing well now and that is a good thing!


Unknown said...

I guess you are where it is warm. It is a little chilly here but not bad.
I tried to clean my deck off with all my squash plants. They are loaded with blooms. Watermelon in front natural area are doing good. You know I say this every year I am not planting anything. Then I forget and plant.

Paula said...

Good luck on your trip and to Mark. We've had beautiful rain most of the day and now the sun is out.


I can see you in that car heading down the road. Is it a convertible? (smile. smile.) Enjoy your travels and seeing your son and grandson.