Thursday, May 19, 2016

Looking Up!

We had a good trip through Georgia into Florida.  The tide was in and the tidal basins and canals were full. That makes a very pretty picture.  WE took some new roads, that is always enjoyable.  I saw something advertised just after getting into Florida: 'Peach bread' and 'peach-salsa'.  Never heard of either.  I don't doubt they are good though.

We did drive down US 301.  That was the main road in central Florida before the interstate system was developed.  We passed thru some absolutely beautiful Horse country. acres of green pastures with white  fences (some black fences) outlining round tracks and working areas.  Altogether they make a very restful picture.  I wish I could up load some.  We also had a few heavy thunderstorms along with some very peasant overcast skies, which are great for driving.

We set up, walked about 3 miles and then I got to work.  Fighting this 'dying 'new' computer', I was able to make a second group of corrections to the "Appalachian Trail", book block.  Since Sherry and I are also a publishing company (J& S Publishing, on paper), we added our ISBN and  submitted it to the printer.  It will be a few days before they can get into the production line.  But right now, I sure feel good that this system stayed together for the submission.

Enough of my woes. Life is good. Temps in Central Florida in the  80's, Clear sky's and for us kids, love is always in the air.


Nite Shipslog 

PS: JoAnn Trull, Evelyn Funderburk and Sherry are the editors and proofers, of this book. .They all say my sentences are too long, I use too many commas,,,,, and, LOVE, Capitol Letters. (BUT We Know,, That, ain't True.)

I did get this do download from Picasa!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to hear that things are looking up. We had a chilly start to the day at 39 degrees but it's to warm up here to upper 60's.

Rick Watson said...

Travel safe Jack. I hope Mark gets a bundle for those houses and gets back on his feet. He sounds like a strong man. I'm betting he'll do fine.

betty said...

Glad you were able to get the book to the printer! That must have been a relief! Sounds like a good start to your time in Florida!


Mevely317 said...

Your proof-readers' comments make me hang my head. Said from the Queen of run-on sentences and Compulsive Commas! :)

I'd not thought of Hwy. 301 in a long time. You're right; it's so picturesque!

PS - Don't go forgetting about the Lucky Dill Deli (*smile*)!

Unknown said...

We have rain here but it is not as bad today. Speaking of proof reading Jim's mother was a proof reader for the Charlotte Observer. When we would get a book from her to read she would have all signs on side where punctuation and spelling was was incorrect she was really good. I could probably proof your books and it would be free. I and a High School graduate..hee hee

Unknown said...

PS I just notice I used was twice. I will get a proof reader to check. When
you come home I want you to help me find a white keyboard. This black one is hard to see. I guess I could turn a light on.

Rick Watson said...

Sounds like a great trip down Jack. I think the rain has missed us. We've had a good bit but when it gets hot here it can get dry in a hurry.

Great news about the book. I use Grammarly to help with edits. The free version catches a bunch of errors but none of them replaces eyes on the page.

I'm on the final stages of my new book too. It will be sent to the printer this weeken.

Lisa said...

We stop at a place on the way to the beach that has peach bread. It sits between the sweet potato bread and strawberry bread. That stuff is good! I think you and everyone else here writing books, are so smart! I struggle to get a blog post published.

I hope you grabbed a loaf!

Glenda said...

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to a new read :) The tech stuff just annoys the heck out of me, am always looking to adopt a kid who is savvy! Glad you had a safe trip, hope we get to see y'all while you're here.


Glad those thunderstorms did not hinder your road trip. be safe.