Friday, May 27, 2016


My girl makes the best fish stew around.  For many years we caught our fish, now we get frozen ones. We eat two meals a day, breakfast (usually cereal) and Supper between 3 & 5pm.  The day I am typing this entry when we finished eating her stew and I began washing the dishes. I said, "Great supper," then thought and continued, "Or lunch and dinner."

I can remember when as a young person, after leaving mama and  home, I started hearing the terms lunch and dinner.  It was hard for a guy to get used to dinner being an evening meal, because growing up that was supper.  Our meals were Breakfast, dinner and supper as I grew up. I never pictured lunch as a real meal.  I did carry my lunch to school for a few years, but for some reason I never associated lunch as a 'grown-up's meal.'  Yeah I was a very shielded kid. LOL

Our meals would be boring to most folk. We were talking about meals after I finished the dishes and we sat talking about our favorite meals. Sherry does pinto beans, salmon patties, cornbread and a mayo, lettuce, onion & tomato salad.  That lasts two days. Her Fish stew is two days, at times a third day with a sandwich. (BTW we share the work in the kitchen, she cooks I clean up. I cook and I try to clean up but she butt's in at times. (Smile))

I am a pressure cooker guy. I buy the bulk chicken leg quarters and pressure two of them. I serve the thigh over rice with gravy, along with a mixture of peas, carrots & onion. The left overs are mixed and the legs stripped and added to make a chicken rice soup for the next day.  I have added another meal, it is a veggie stir fry with chicken and shrimp in it.  That is usually two days’ worth.

But we were discussing the merits of pinto bean juice. We both grew up  using the juice to soak biscuits, getting them soggy and eating it. YUM! Cornbread and bean juice is good also.

Then she said her brother Johnny called her and while talking brought up how much he loved their mother's soakies.  Ever use that term? It was a saucer with sweetened coffee with cream and soaking biscuits in it, that was dessert!  We had soakies at our house growing up also.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I grew up eating pinto beans and biscuits too and still love them. And thanks to my grandparents also enjoyed the biscuits soaked in coffee and cream and some sugar to sweetened it up. When I cook the meals always last two or 3 days here. Cooking for one is not a lot of fun. I love it when I can cook for a crowd. Nice you help with the cleaning up, I'm sure it's appreciated.

betty said...

You made me hungry reading this. We too make a meal that we can have the next day. I have not had ppinto bean juice or a soakie but both sound tasty.


Sheila Y said...

Rick said his Granddaddy used to do the coffee and biscuit soakie. Hope Florida is treating you kindly. :-) Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

Me and Nick always have this argument. To me its breakfast, lunch, supper. To him its breakfast, dinner, supper. I assume dinner is supper, he assumes it to be lunch. I usually use the term Dinner when its a big meal weather it be lunch, or supper. Confused yet?

We had pinto juice and cornbread as well as corn bread and milk. I have never heard of soakies but im all into it now. Imma gonna have to try that!

Have a great holiday weekend!

Unknown said...

I am still trying to comment and it will not let me. I don't know what
happen but it let me comment. Mother made the best gravy and biscuits.
I don't think I have ever had fish stew.

Paula said...

It's odd how different people call different things and how they eat different. I've never had Fish Stew and also never had Fish Tacos which I see advertised a lot around here. Didn't know what a soakie is either.

Rick Watson said...

Great. Now you've made me hungry Jack.
We always had supper too. I always thought dinner was used by those folk in the north :)


It is nice you share the cooking duty. Fun in the kitchen makes the meal taste better.