Saturday, May 7, 2016

We are in our home tonight, after a few mis-steps.

(Late Friday entry, going in on Sat Morn it seems))

So the coach was to be ready on Friday vs Wed/Thurs. We had a problem, Sherry had a cousin to pass and was to attend the funeral on Fri. afternoon. The plan was for her to drop me off at the repair shop, and she attend the funeral.

I arrived about 1:30, they were waiting for a switch to be delivered, would be done shortly. 3:30 the coach was pulled back into a bay for 'cleaning' says Nick (the head guy in charge). I text'd Sherry, do not come to Gastonia, I will be leaving in about 15 minutes (HA). It was after 5PM when the coach was clean and I got the bill. About $4300. My bank refused the credit card. She tried three times.  Okay use the Credit Union card. REFUSED (2-times).  Then it was getting later and time to close shop, we cut the bill in two halves and my CU card took it.

 I text'd Sherry before I left the  shop, "Headed home." I arrived home and backed INTO our RV port. Bent it pretty good and took a whack at the motor home corner. OUCH! No sweat, I can do the fiberglass & paint work.

Son Jack Jr. arrived and helped me straighten the steel post to a fair  position. From the inside Sherry tells me there is no power.  Our inverter was kicking out.  I realized the mechanics had been using the 12volt lights and had ran the batteries down.  Then the Refrigerator started crying, code said, I am on LP, no 120v, and the 12v is LO.

So now I have extension cords ran from the good outlets to run this system.  Tomorrow will look much better. (SMILE)

But you know what?  We have driven cars, trucks, vans and motor homes for many years, several million miles and this is the largest expense we have ever had in repairs.  I have always been able to do the major stuff, but this job was too big. This stop was over $6500. Of course I don't like it.  We may not go to PA or ME this year, but we are healthy and the coach is too.

We are anticipating a few short trips, maybe even back to Florida for a couple months. That is the beauty of this life, we have choices.

So my Sherry is already in her bed, I think I will join her.

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betty said...

What an experience to get your home back, Jack! I bet you were so happy to drive it home (and excited too, I'm thinking that's why you accidentally backed it in and hit something). All is well that ends well and I think this will eventually end well!


Paula said...

When it rains it pours as they say but hope everything is okay now and you won't have any more problems for a long time. Tell Sherry "Happy Mother's Day".

Lisa said...

Glad to hear yall are back in your home. But just think of all the things you got done while you waited.
Happy trails.'

Mevely317 said...

Yay, y'all!!!

Glad to hear another side trip to Florida is still in the forecast. I may have another recommendation. :)))

Happy Mother's Day to Sherry!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great to hear that you all are back in your home again. Ouch on the repair bill. At least you could get it done! I can only imagine it was good sleeping !

Rick Watson said...

I know you are happy to be home sleeping in your own bed. And yes. Sometimes you might have to knock off a liquor store just to stay in it but that's a small price to pay:) welcome home.


Life throws things at you one day at a time. Glad your HOME is back in place. RELAX. And do not worry.