Monday, January 16, 2017

And then we met Donna

After such a good day Friday we were at Lowes to pick up the swag lamp to go over my sweetheart's make-up table.  A nice lady approached and asked if she could ask a question. 

She noticed my Cochlear implant devices and wanted to know about them.  We talked a long time. She is a candidate for the implant.  It is funny to us who are/were hard of hearing.  I said to her, "You can hear but not understand, right?"
She smiled big, “YES, it is so good to talk to someone who understands. My husband has to run interference for me and interpret in conversations."

Of course Sherry laughed and said, "I do the same for jack. But not as much now."

She was full of questions. I told her about Ora, out in Kentucky and how we drove out there to talk to her and she helped us immensely. I miss Ora here in bloggers Ville, Sherry sees her on FB a lot. She is full of life and so bubbly. Her Husband is a retired Army Chaplain, he is also a great guy.

But back to Donna.  You meet so many nice folk in this world. She mentioned after her hearing loss she spent a lot of time on the internet and started painting.  I mentioned that I turned to writing.  We all adjust to our handicaps (Lots of folks don't like that word now) so I will say also our limitations. I am sure you too adjust to some extent, if it is nothing more than adjusting to AGING!  Meeting Donna was a breath of fresh air.

I also received an e-mail that made me laugh. But first a joke:
 (My sister Shirl when she first started liking pigs!)

Sweet senior lady by the name of Pauline (Coincidentally lives in Texas) gets a call from a collection agency. “Ma’am, I am tasked with collecting for the windows you had installed over two years ago. Every payment is past due, now the company expects full payment. Is there any reason you have been unable to make payments? There may be ways to ease the burden of the huge amount.”

Pauline answered, “Funny you should call now, I was just thinking yesterday that the two years are up.  The nice young man that had them installed said they would pay for themselves in two years.”

Silence……. Then ……CLICK!

Now my E-mail said: Jack you have been chosen for replacement windows, they will pay for themselves in three years.

I thought of Pauline and what a deal, I was tempted to answer the e-mail!

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Paula said...

I think you and Sherry have a new friend named Donna. It is so nice to be able to talk to someone who understands. I agree Ora is a nice friend too. Why do those telephone salespeople think seniors are dumb?

shirl72 said...

That is nice you met Donna and I sure she was glad to get the advice about the Cochlear implants. Like the picture of me kissing the pig..I have always loved baby pigs.

betty said...

How sweet Donna approached you and Sherry and struck up the conversation. It might have been tough for her to initiate it, wondering if you would be receptive to answering her questions, etc. I hope her success with the cochlear implants will be similar to yours!



It is so true we all learn to live with our limitations. I'm glad Donna had someone to talk too. And that you and Sherry helped her.

Lisa said...

Isnt it neat how people will appear in our lives and then we find out how much in common we all are?
I hope you have a way to keep in touch with Donna.
I still have buzzing and stopped up ears. I think im getting used to it but often, my head will feel light and I have to sit down.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Aging is a limitation for me. I'm adjusting to a slower way of doing things. Work a little, rest a lot. I feel a bit done in by seeing all that you still do. You are not limited by much at all. Hope your friend is able to get the implant. It's really made a difference for you.

Mevely317 said...

What a small world! There really are some NICE folks everywhere, aren't there?
That kissing piglet just made my day!

Last, and certainly not least, HAPPPPPPY Birthday! :)

Dar said...

You're the sweetest people to take the time to help Donna, just like you answered many of my questions. I hope her implants go well like yours.
The windows paying for themselves is hilarious. and true, we elders are not dumb...How is it I remember your anniversary but not your birthdays.....whenever it is, have a happy one.
love from up north where it's in the mid 40's today and beautiful out as the snow slowly melts....making room for another storm in a couple days. So it goes in our land of milk and honey.

2023 said...

Talk about turning it positive. You are a multi-novel author because of hearing loss. I've heard a lot of the downside, but never a painter & a novelist...wonderful. Not to minimize the loss, just to mention you maximize any benefits...create the benefits in fact.