Friday, January 13, 2017

The close to perfect day

Don't you love it when things come together? (Quote  'The A Team'). Anyway today was planned as a slow day. I was up last night getting information for the Homestead Exemption.  Florida has a great Homestead Exemption.  If you qualify your taxes drop on your primary residence by half, sometimes more.

 (Tonight is cars we have owned and titled/tagged at DMVs. My first session with the  NC, DMV, I had signed jack instead of jackie, you would have thought I had stolen the car. It took days to fix it to their satisfaction)

Sherry put a load of clothes in to wash and put her note on the table to remember to dry clothes.  We have a standing joke between us. Years ago she asked me to remind her to put the clothes in the dryer when we came back from an errand. I said, "SURE!" Then as things went I forgot and she did too.  Now when we leave she puts a note on the table that says 'dry clothes', I always say, "No need in that I will remind you!"  We laugh. It doesn't take much for us old folk.

Anyway to the Appraiser's office. Greeted happily, She smiled when everything was filled out. "Everything is in order I need to see your driver’s license."

"I will file the claim, but you need to get your address changed on the license to the new address. Just drop by in a month or so to show it has been changed."
At home I went online to see where to get the address changed. Sherry dried clothes after I said, "I would have reminded you!"
Then to the Driver's license. There was no line to the receptionist. After seeing our license he said, "Now I need something with your new address."
I said, "The net said all we needed was our passports."

He smiled, "Yeah they lie like that sometimes, but I do need to see a utility bill or closing statement etc , If you come back today and there is a line, come on up front."

Leaving I was kicking myself because I had taken all that info home after applying for the exemption. At the car, I found I had left everything in the car! We were out of the building 5 minutes, we went back in to see ten people in line, OUCH. I don't like to go to the front of the line so we got in line. The dude saw us smiled, stood up and motioned us to the front. We were done in 15 minutes.

I have said it before, I have dealt with DMV’s in SEVERAL STATES.  Florida is the best. Everyone smiles and does everything they can to ASSIST you. You do not wait standing in line, there are comfortable chairs and TV if you must wait. They call you.

What we thought would take a few days, was done in less than a day, with congenial folk.
YEP, life is good!
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betty said...

I personally like going to the DMV, LOL, a great place to watch people :) So much can be done online here with the DMV and amazingly (this surprises me to no end), an Arizona driver's license lasts forever if you are young. Basically it lasts until you are 60 years old, and then you have to get it renewed more frequently (I think its 60). You just have to go in every 12 years to get a new picture (and I think they charge you for it). California it was every 4 years. I digress :)

Glad you got the paperwork done that needed to be done and it wasn't too much of a hassle to do it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice you got your perfect ending. It's nice to hear about those because they don't often come our way. Nice you are getting that exception on the taxes. We have one here but it's nothing to compare to yours. Guess you are an official Florida home owner now...your drivers license is proof ! Would that all our days have such perfect endings.

Lisa said...

I had an appointment at the DMV to get my license once. They told me to just jump in front of the line when the doors opened. I just couldnt do it. Besides everyone in front of me was bigger than me. I waited in line 20 minutes. Ha. This is the year I have to renew again. I could just go online and do it, but I want a new picture.

I just told Nick I wanted that Nash you have pictured. He assured me that I dont.

Beautiful day in gtown

Mevely317 said...

That custom of note-leaving makes me smile!

I'd forgotten the pleasant folks at Florida's DMV! Such a departure from the almost-to-a-person surly expressions I've witnessed out here. (Wonder if that's not a prerequisite? Lol!)

Dar said...

You sure are fortunate to have written reminders, (I have to do those constantly to remind myself to remember, lol). And a tax break is always nice. I have to admit something that ' just ' happened. We watched our preemie grandson today, I'd forgotten how much work babies are, anyway, while reading your entry, I actually fell asleep......sorry bout that but this grandma is whipped. Grandpa has been asleep in his chair watching football for an hour already. Whew! Aren't grandbabies exhausting???but wonderful.
What a treat.


Some days are just like this.