Thursday, January 26, 2017

I realize the answer to my question

I have mentioned before how hard it is for us to release these seats beside the kitchen table where we spend probably too many hours on the internet via a cell signal instead of in a home with ‘FAST’ internet.

I have a problem with memory of what my mind considers insignificant (to me) facts. I can be told who is going to play in the World Series or Super bowl and I will forget it in 5 minutes. I depend on the brain I married who catalogs important facts as well as the mundane. If she doesn’t have it in that pretty head, it is written down within reach.

(Outside pics are from our walk)

That said, I know we moved a lot, and I remember the cities, towns, states and countries we have visited and lived in, but to tell you the years, that is tough, most times I cannot do it.

Yesterday I asked how long have we had lived in a motor home. She gave me the times we were part time. The times we were full time in each coach and the time we took a 2 yr break to live on Lake Dora. 

So the bare fact is, we have lived in motor homes longer than we ever lived on a foundation, much longer.  This is home.

This is a flexible home, with what my friend MaryAnn calls a ‘butt rubbing’ kitchen. Example, for a little over a week we will live on the banks of the Peace River. We get to enjoy a walk along the river with what some would call mundane views, but to me they are fantastic. Next week we will be parked where we can hear the fireworks at Disney every night, and go down town Disney if we decide.

So now I know (I guess what I have known) the why it is hard for me to settle down to a house.  This is really home! I can usually see my girl and grab a kiss 24/7. She is a good kisser. She can still start my motor. I have never needed ‘time away’. I enjoyed a good long kiss yesterday and told her, ‘you know, when we lived in a house, I didn’t get as many kisses.’ She smiled and said, “I know.” I do like the little house in Deltona, and I miss it a little, or is it the working on it that I miss? I honestly do not know.
Nite Shipslog

 We actually met this cop on the trail. He didn't have donuts, but he did have ice cream in the back seat and he had stopped to take a bite.


Mevely317 said...

That's so sweet, Jack!
'Reminds me of a conversation I had with son this weekend: Granddaughter #1 and her fiancé have been fussing and squabbling much too much, and Troy (son) was trying to explain the facts of life to Daniel.
T: "You know why I come here every evening?"
D: "Because this is your house."
T: "No, besides that."
D: "Because you bought this property."

T: "No, again. I come here each evening because that's where my wife is. We could live in a cardboard shack and that would be our home."

Damn near brought tears to my eyes. Like I've said before, good genes must skip generations. :)

PS - Neat, that Sherry enjoys going barefoot, too!

betty said...

Just read Myra's comment. She has good genes; don't let her fool you :)

Home is where your heart is, and your heart is with Sherry, no matter how little (or big) the space may be. The motor home has worked great for you guys!

I can only remember years if I can equate them to someone's age, like the age of my nephew/nieces or the ages of our kids or years in school, then I can pinpoint when we lived in such and such place :)



Remembering dates is tricky for me as well??? I wonder why that seems to be a sticking point for so many of us? Home is where your heart is. This town where I'm at is where we live but it has not been HOME for many years. But we can not afford to relocate. You guys are so lucky.

Lisa said...

Hmmm come to think of it, I get more kisses in my camper than I do in my house. Maybe this is the unspoken answer as to why me and Nick are looking to downsize in the near future.
We are not big on traveling. Never had the desire for that, though I would love to at least visit a different place about once a year. As far as living, I like nesting in one place.

From here,

Unknown said...

I've never seen a cop as cute as that one!

It's great that you and Sherry enjoy being in close quarters. Each to his own, as they say.

Dar said...

My Grams B used to be like Sherry with a mind like a steel trap. Mom has inherited the same ability to remember dates, events, and their years...but I'm afraid it stopped there. I'm copping out here by believing as we age, we loose some of that ability......however, Grams B had it til she passed at 103. Bill and I lost that ' kiss ' for a spell when the kids had us running every which direction. We'd hit the bed and poof, out like a light for both of us.
I'm glad we got it back. Home IS were our hearts are, whether it be here or at the cabin.
Love n' Hugs from up north. Big Bill is still fighting my cold. (I never should have kissed him)

shirl72 said...

I miss You and Sherry not being here in the Historic Town. Glad when you decide to spend time here. I know you both like to travel but me I am happy staying put.
In my early years we travel a lot..but we would have to fly most of the times.
You have everything and can settle anywhere. Waiting for the warm weather to get here so you and Sherry will make it back home.

Woody said...

People wonder how we went from a large house, garage, cellar, woodshop, garden shed and a camp on Lake Bonaparte with a storage building and moved into Senior Citizen Housing, we gave most of our things away, setteled into or new digs, and My Honey is within reach, same as anywhere we lived or stayed, our chairs are next to each other with a small stand between us! Been that way since we were married ! Wouldn't want it any oother way !!
take care, we are bundled up watching the Ice and Snow storm!!!
Gary & Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The great thing is that now the two of you can have the best of both worlds and that is a wonderful thing. You enjoy your time together wherever you go.