Friday, January 27, 2017

E-mails are amazing

I don’t know about you but I am constantly getting e-mails saying my resume’ is being considered for the ‘Assistant CEO’ position. Or they have received my application for the position as Plan leader, etc.  I never open them of course, but I do smile. I laughed out loud today when The subject said, “Our company has picked your resume’ you will be our ‘collections agent’ for the USA. You will receive 10% of all due notes received, contact us immediately for retainer (That was just the subject line).

 (Honest I will catch it up next month!)

I looked over at Sherry, can you see that? Let's say I go to Mrs. Jones house to collect the bill, she tells me her story and I give her $20 and leave crying.

I was thinking back on the time my dad knew I had become close friends with a certain man. Dad told me, “Son he is a great guy, you won’t find a more personable guy, BUT please, don’t loan him money or sign any notes.” I still don’t know if that was from experience or not. But one day I received a phone call from my banker. A man is headed to your house to ask you to sign a note. He asked me if you signed the note, would I give him a loan and I said, ‘Of course’.My recommendation is tell him you are over loaded. He said this is just a heads up. I thanked him and hung up.

When my friend came, we joked, laughed and finally he asked, and Yep, I signed.  I never made a payment but if I remember right, he was late EVERY PAYMENT. 

(We haven't worked this month, the kids are in school.....)

We have had rental property for years. I AM NOT a good land lord. The first house we rented to a single lady with kids for $40 a month. I allowed the bill to get behind nearly $800.(That is almost 2 yrs). Hahahahahah, (Now some single ladies would have deserved it, but this lady was a crook, I mean a real prison deserving crook.)

I would make a great Bill Collector!

On the other hand, Sherry would have fed us dried beans and water for months before she would default on a payment.
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 This is a picture of a 1956 Mercury Pickup. I never did see one. This is odd.


Lisa said...

I get some crazy emails too. I sit a while every morning deleting junk emails and unsuscribing to stuff. I laugh when I get emails for brain enhancements.
I always said Id never sign a note. Daddy signed a few for me when I was younger and had to clear a few of my late payments. Im glad I grew out of that and now we never borrow. We save and pay now. Life is so much better.

Still broke though.

betty said...

If I got all the money promised to me in emails, I would be one rich lady :) Hubby co-signed for son's car a few years back. You know the rest of that story. We paid it off when he sold his parents' home. We learned a lesson though......and it won't be one we will repeat. I'm like Sherry. You pay what is owed when it is owed and then you figure out how you'll live on what is left to live on.



Yep in an email someone who was somehow supposed to be related to me was going to make me a millionaire. Still waiting. LOL By the way good landlords are hard to find. Kudos to you for your tolerance.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Cosigning on a loan almost lost us a good friend once. He was not making his payments until my DDH talks with him when we received collection called. I'm not sure what he told his friend, but we never received another call from collections. We never cosigned for anything again. Lesson learned.

Glenda said...

I'm not a good landlord either, I rented my home in St. Louis to the daughter a lovely neighbor when I relocated back to Florida. Bottom line, after the first month rent was slow, after six months received no rent payments. Yep, lesson learned!

Rick Watson said...

I wouldn't make a good landlord I'm too easy going, but when I get my hackles up I can be testy :)

Dar said...

We helped out the kids, but I'm proud to say that we were always paid back promptly. We co-signed for a vehicle too once, and again, we never once had to make a payment on the loan. I see we were very fortunate after reading what everyone has learned. You are a softy.
love n' hugs from up north. The birds are fed, the ice is nearly gone and we are ready for whatever comes down next. In the meantime, we process two hogs tomorrow....then we'll make some bacon.

Mevely317 said...

Because I HATE hurting anyone's feelings, I'd be a horrid landlady.
After daddy passed, my mother had a difficult time with renters at their Punta Gorda home. One lady even showed up at her door with a sob-story and a brand-new baby, confiding they named her "Evelyn" after my mother because she (my mom) had been "so sweet." Grrrr!