Saturday, January 28, 2017

I really enjoy reading blogs

After reading blogs, there are times when I say, I wish I had thought about that to write about. And then there are times I just steal (borrow), many times without apology, some of your great ideas.

Today Paula , the cowgirl. mentioned a man who was using the story, he needed money, his wife's water had just broke!  It just happened her daughter was with her and had seen the man's face on FB where he had used the same story in an adjoining town. I thought of the scammers and pan handlers here in Florida who somehow get down here but need ‘gas money’ to get home. I can count at least 5 at service stations. One girl I gave $5, her car was out of gas, then amazingly she drove off without getting gas, it was probably a miracle,

That sorry Rick, up in BAMA, had to mention 'GOOD' fried chicken.  If you are a southerner you know there is fried chicken and then there is FRIED CHICKEN!   Sherry used to FRY CHICKEN but now that we R eating healthier and as I told Rick, planning to live forever, we seldom eat Fried foods.

Sherry says my ‘living forever’ is working well so far ;-).

You seldom see anyone hanging clothes anymore. I always take pictures of clothes hanging out to dry. Mostly around the Amish country in Pennsylvania, and one time I remember walking around a small town in Kentucky.  Today I read Bonnie's 'Organic discourse' in Eastern NC, she was talking about hanging clothes. I can remember the period when clothes dryers were becoming the thing and some folk were putting them in their homes. I can also remember people (family included) saying I would never burn my clothes, they will always hang on the line and smell fresh, they need the sun!

(Park City Kentucky, this friendly dude below walked with us all over  the little town) 
Most of those folk who said NO to dryers,  crashed and burned quickly, buying a dryer.  Bonnie is a hold out, she still hangs her clothes out. Funny thing (on our walk) Sherry and I were recently talking about hanging clothes. I laughed saying, ‘I thought it was funny hearing folks say how some folk didn't know how to hang clothes. They must be in order.’ (I laughed pretty loud) My girl looked at me like a cow looking at a new gate. 'Of course there is an order to hang clothes, and she listed it.'

There are times when I can fit both feet in my mouth!

As always it is fun here in cyber space. Y'all keep it up!
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 I believe this is a 1958 Buick Convertible.  Big old hog!


shirl72 said...

I use to see a bum in the Walmart parking lot asking for money. Charlotte is full of them down town. That is right if you hang clothes on the line they have to be in order. Haven't done that in years. I am thankful for convenience.

Lisa said...

Ive hung clothes out to dry and somehow enjoyed it. I just could never get them to come off soft. When we stay in the camper at the beach, the clothes line is the first thing I hang.
I love reading blogs too, I have a lot to say but cant find the words. So many blogs I will write then delete.

Thanks for always reading.

betty said...

My favorite hobby is reading blogs :) So fun to read other people's take of things and to learn about different areas of the country/world. I think the best panhandler was the guy who asked my hubby for some spare change a few years back. He said he was going to use it to buy a beer. At least he was honest and hubby did give him some pocket change. Saw him in the store buying a beer :)

My mom would hang out all the clothes. How fresh they smelled. Now I just hang up(inside) some of our wearing clothes. The rest goes in the dryer.


Paula said...

I still would be lost without a clothes line even though I don't use it much. My mama always taught me to hang underwear on the line behind the one with sheets so the underwear doesn't show, Humm now I'm thinking neighbors might think we don't wear any. lol

Jean said...

I have a reel clothes line on one of the sheds I have reeled out and hung sheets in the pass (I like the smell of fresh aired sheets, but that has been quite a while since I have done that. I don't have the time and energy now. I had to smile at Paula's post about the under wear. Its coat weather again up here in Alabama, but it won’t last long. Take care. Jean


I am so glad I do not iron clothes anymore. Or hang them out to dry, though the smell of fresh air was always wonderful.


PS) I love BLOGS too. Reading them is the high point of each day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love reading blogs too. I enjoy the thoughts of others that differ from my own and often get some new ideas along the way. I used to enjoy hanging clothes outside. Nothing can beat the fresh air smell it give clothes, sheets and towels. Now I use the dryer. I do miss it. But definitely not in the winter. I saw some hanging out in the freezing cold the other day and wondered if they really got dry or just froze on the line. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday!

Mevely317 said...

Your title is so inviting! Ya, Betty said it best ... this is my favorite hobby!

True, little can beat the aroma of "hung" wash! Suddenly, I've an image of my poor mother in her galoshes (we used to call them 'rubbers') standing in the snow hanging up the sheets.
For the life of me, I never knew there was an order!
Because our utility bill in the summer is so absurd, rather than dry our clothes in the dryer I got to hanging them on dryer racks in our guest rooms ... and the habit's remained. (Our HOA rep would probably have a stroke if she learned we erected a clothes line out back!)

Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Now you've got me curious about that "order" thing. I do tend to grab the shirts first so they won't be wrinkled in the basket, leaving the socks and undies for last, but I suspect there's more to the order than that. Honestly, I don't think I ever was taught about an order.

Dar said...

I have a retractable clothes line Bill put up for me when I had to walk on level surfaces for a while...I still use it to hang bedding. Such a wonderful fresh smell, I bury my nose in my pillows and sheets after they come in.
A friend once asked me how in the world I got the socks and undies so I told her sunshine. ;-) yep, personals behind the sheets.
Love n' hugs from we northerners who cut and wrapped 356 lbs. of pork today...bacon makin' tomorrow.