Thursday, January 5, 2017

Brain surgery or plumbing?

Today I finally got to the Delta single lever faucet for the shower. Normally it is ‘out of the box hold it up where I want it and screw a 2x4 to hold it there.’ Then connect the water lines. Not now! With all the government protections, to keep us from hurting ourselves, there are scald setting to adjust, flush the system. Rotate the body to the left, do this, do that, set the hot on the left (you are kidding, They  always say cold water on the right.) It is always on the left ?Right, I mean correct. Anyway, 5 pages of instructions. It used to basically say, Fixture ready to Install.

Okay, I am surprised. I do like the large tile, these are 13" x13", but they are a little harder to grout than the smaller tiles I usually use.  That was a big surprise. Maybe on the shower grouting it will go better, since I know what to expect.

 Anyway all the rough plumbing is complete.  All I need on the inside is hang the Shower tiles, grout and seal.

(The above is a textured wall not knocked down or 'troweled)
The house walls and ceiling have a finish that is called a 'knock down' texture.  There is a smooth, the old fashioned walls, and a medium called 'Orange Peel'.  I have never textured walls, I have always textured ceilings, unless I was custom building and the client wanted slick ceilings. I sold my texture hopper at a yard sale, for a $1. (ouch)
 Above is a heavy Knockdown texture more what the house has now. Below is a light knockdown, more like I did on the new wall.

Anyway installing the bathroom created a drywall that I wanted to make match the rest of the house. I read some on the 'knock down ' walls and gave it a try. Not too good, but it will stay.  What is meant by knock down is spraying the walls with small globs of texture (A very wet form of drywall filler). The little scattered uneven bumps are allowed to set for a few minutes, then with a wide 'putty' knife the bumps are flattened to produce a random valley pattern.

(Above is the orange peel fine spray and no troweling or knock down)
But that is done and painted, I also wired the light (do not have a permanent fixture yet.)

We are getting there.  Sorry to bore you, but this is fun to me.

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betty said...

It looks like fun and fascinating since I don't think I'll ever be doing anything like this, so its nice to read the achievements of others and see your work as it is progressing!



You make it sound like fun, but I know it's alot of hard work. It's great to LOVE what you do.

Lisa said...

When I painted my office walls at work, they were so bad by someome ripping off the sheetrock while taking down the wallpaper [cough cough]. ....well I didnt know!!
Anyway, we put sand in the paint to texture it and now it looks like cement walls and hides a lot of the flaws. It really needs stripped down and done right with new sheetrock and all.

Bracing for snow

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks great to me. I have noticed that everything has warnings on it. Some you'd think to take for granted but sometimes they are needed. What is known as common sense is not common at all anymore.

Mevely317 said...

Not boring at all!
I can't wait to show this to Tom, since he recently had to replace the single-level faucet in our own shower. Given what you just said, I'm surprised I didn't hear any "HBO words" coming from that direction. (*smile*)

Woody said...

Your posts are not boring, I find them interesting, I look back as houses and projects I have done and see some of your comments and say to myself, "Jeez, why didn't I do that,"? Sounds like you are making progress, we have winter set in fast and furious, got 3 feet of snow yesterday and more coming this afternoon!! You 2 stay warm and Healthy in this " New Year" !

Glenda said...

Your knockdown looks awesome, that bathroom probably adds thousands of dollars of value to your winter home!!! (lot of hours invested but wow, how wonderful to have that extra bath ~ especially when the grands arrive). Great job, Jack of all trades!

Dar said...

I'm never bored reading what you've been up to. You are such a multi-talented fella and it's a pleasure to ' Read All About It!!! ' I like the orange peel knock down you ended up with but is it easy enough to clean? Just wondering cuz it would look nice in my craft room. WHEN are you coming??? lol
Love and hugs from where we aren't getting the snow and ice like the rest the country but it sure is bitter cold. Still feels like minus-22 like yesterday.
Stay safe and warm..........and have fun installing the extras

Paula said...

Never boring. Reminds me of when Mel was alive and all the things he did to improve our house in San Antonio. We're cold down here after a summer day yesterday.