Tuesday, January 31, 2017

God's money

Life has been good to me. As my great grandpa would say, 'Jack you are as healthy as a horse.' That would thrill me normally, but then I found out that a horse really doesn't live that long. LOL Lately I have had a few more pains than normal and like Lisa (Away from the office chair) I have experienced a lot of dizziness.  We have spent very little on doctors and medicines and have been frugal, so we live well.

I was looking back over our travels from the time we had small boys and wanted them to see the beauties of nature. They also had the thrill of theme parks like 'Six Flags Over Georgia' and 'Disney World' when it was $10 a person (Now over a $100 a day per kid). BUT we normally took a tent and camped nearby and did most of our cooking. As a rule, we have always traveled on the 'cheap'.

We took them to Rock city and Ruby Falls. If you are a southerner and traveled any at all you saw barns to birdhouses painted with the words, "See Rock city".  I learned later the PR folk for Rock city painted barns free if they could add "See Rock city". For years that was the most advertised vacation spot I knew about. The paintings were a PR coup, many wish they had thought about.

Repeating myself, I was raised in a Parsonage. From about the third grade the churches my dad pastored were considered 'large' churches. His salary was good. He NEVER forgot that we were living off the church attendees 'dollar or dime' or in his word 'God's Money.' He was very successful as a minister and was in demand. He always left a church in better financial condition and with many more in attendance than when he arrived.
Dad taught me frugality. Please forgive me, but I will continue in the morrow. This is going longer than I thought.

Nite Shipslog

 Picture taken from the web. But that is dad and Floyd Summey  on Theodore Wood's truck.
Dad loved promoting Sunday School I can't list the number of ways he came up with. 
That is the parsonage in the back ground. The window above Floyd's left shoulder was my room. I went out that window a few nights and climbed down the lattice work to sneak off.


Paula said...

I like those advertisements on barns. A benefit to the owner and to the company.


My neighbor has a birdhouse in his front yard that says to go see Rock City. I need to learn to be more frugal than I have been recently.

betty said...

My mom taught me frugality but then I didn't practice it as much as I should have when times were plenty. It is absolutely amazing how expensive it is to get into theme parks these days. I don't know how a family can afford it! I do know previously, not sure if it is still the case, you could pre-plan your Disney vacation and pay for it in advance, making monthly payments. Figures they would figure out something like that.


Rick Watson said...

See Rock City. I saw this ads for years on barn roofs.
I'm not sure why, but I stopped getting an email when you post. I'll sign up again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Frugality is one thing but when it comes to your health the money you spend is spent wisely. I hope those dizzy spells stop soon, If not you probably should see your doctor. I've had to e frugal all my life. Sometimes more than others, but I've always had just what I need. I'm thankful for that ! I do love old barns and we have some beautiful ones here too. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Lisa said...

Dad didnt teach me to be frugal but when I became an adult, I learned real quick.

Waiting for part 2

Dar said...

Our kids never went without, we'd give something up to keep them fed and warm. We did alright. We were hard workers just like our parents to see to our family needs and sometimes, the needs of others. There's pride in being frugal. It's sure helped us save through the years so we can now be comfortable in our silver/golden years.
As for those dizzy spells, perhaps something to do with the implants???? maybe ask. I was told to watch for the dizzies. It could simply mean a colds coming on...but be safe.
Love from up north. It's an overcast day but an ok day. I'll take it.

shirl72 said...

I am very thankful we had a good live growing up wonderful parents. Some in
today's world is not that fortunate. Hope your dizzy spells stop if they don't you might need to have a check-up.

Jean said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon, and it might be a good idea to get your implants checked out it could be the cause. I remember seeing the signs on barns back in the late seventies when we went to the mountains we haven't been since. Take care, Jean

Mevely317 said...

I remember my pediatrician saying I was healthy as a horse, too! (Never considered the connection re. horses' actual longevity! Yikes!)

That's an interesting back-story to the Rock City barns! I really enjoy reading your recollections,!