Thursday, January 12, 2017

Imma thinking, the job is finished!

I worked slowly today, with just a couple things to tie up, it wasn't long until the job was complete.  My girl has cleaned up the dust I have sent rampant thru the house. It feels and looks good.

 This is the back porch. It has been cluttered for weeks now with saws grinders and tile cutter. That small window which is called a Block vent was the only suitable  window for the shower. before the bath that door (with the doggie door) to the left was the bedroom entrance. now there is a wall to the left, Sherry is standing in the doorway. The bathroom is behind that wall.
 She walks toward me and turns to my right and here is the living/dining room with the new door to the Bedroom #1.

She is sitting at her new make-up table with hot and cold water to her left. In the background is the shower.

 Now the shower. Squeezed in just past the commode.
 You can see the small area now. Most bathroom require minimum  5 feet width and 8 feet in depth. I only had 5 feet by four ft 4 inches. So the walk in tub and sauna was impossible once I got the close measurements.
 A 32" x 32" shower was all I could muster. I had 9 inches left for some storage shelves. No door was possible due to the closeness of the commode.
 We like it though. She does not like the clear shower curtain, I was looking forward to it (from the bed room of course) but she says that is a LINER, she will get a shower curtain..... RATS! I'm not that old!!!

 Quick shot of Bedrom #2 above and  bathroom #1 below.

 Our small Kitchen, above and the front entrance to the house with double doors.
 A very small house and all we need. While I went to the motor home to take a shower my girl made us coffee. She chose the Shaker village cup from New Hampshire and gave me the Martha's Vineyard cup. This is an old fashioned selfie with the timer.
 This is our view from the back porch area.
You cannot tell it too well But with an RV beside a privacy fence it is no longer a privacy fence. So I have stretched 3... 5x12 camouflage nets across the top of the privacy fence so the back yard neighbor will not feel like we are looking in on them.

Nite Shipslog

 A 1955 Chevy like I borrowed  to go ask Sherry for the first date. It was my Brother in laws car and was BRAND New and he trusted me at 16 to drive it. She said YES to the date.



You should be so-ooo PROUD of yourself. LOOKS fabulous. Sherry is beaming. The house suits her well. you too.

Mevely317 said...

Who needs too much square footage anyway?!? Your smiles say it all, Jack. Amazed, and SO tickled for the two of you.

BTW, I love the double front doors. And you made me giggle with your comment about the see-through shower liner.

PS - Nice, your thinking of the neighbor's privacy. I don't know a lot of folks that think about being so considerate.

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I deleted my post I can't type anymore. The house looks good. I know you will be happy living where it is warm most of the time. I scrolled down and saw blogs
I had not seen. I thought I had seem most of them..Technology left me long ago.

Jean said...

You did a great job everything looks so nice and pretty.

Paula said...

Your home looks so pretty and fresh. Enjoy it with the love of your life.

betty said...

Love the house! The bathroom came out great!! You guys have turned it into a home!! So very homey indeed! Enjoy it and the time together with the two of you!


Lisa said...

Well would ya just look at that! You did it! Again. Everything looks great even with the peak-a-boo shower curtian which made me laugh with you telling it. Haha.

Leave the decorating to Sherry. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on a another job well done! I love your new home. Seems to have everything you need and then some!

Glenda said...

Flipping AWESOME work, Jack you have talent, vision and the expertise to do anything construction related ~ and the determination to carry it out! Kudos to you for completing a huge project!!! Y'all will likely be very motivated to move into your new Florida abode upon return from your trip. Just saying that Sherry ought to be the one to pick out shower curtains and other furnishings as she has exquisite taste.
How many days until your birthday and you're officially "over the hill"? I remember when you were younger and had a wonderful time when the servers at the restaurant brought out a to "die for"home made pineapple upside cake, SURPRISE!
You are, without question, one of the most memorable people to those who have had opportunity to cross path with you, Sherry and the boys. Thank you for the opportunity to check in to Shipslog and see what's up with you two!

Rick Watson said...

You do great work Jack. It does feel good finally finishing a project.

salemslot9 said...

before I saw
your large tile
my John brought home
one large tile
it looks the same
he enjoyed reading
your shower posts, too