Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just a couple things

I love Florida. I love citrus. When we first started coming to central Florida after living in Key West, I fell in love with the U-PICK areas.

We could pick all colors of peppers for $3 a bushel. Tomatoes $2-$5 a bushel.  Oranges as low as $1 a bushel.  If I wasn't careful I would drink a quart of OJ while juicing. 
(SIS Kat and hubby Dick got us into the u-pick mode. Below is 5 gals of tomatoes for $3 in Ruskin, FL) 

Shoot, we have picked strawberries at 25 cents a quart and they supplied the little containers. 

As time passed the u-pick signs went down, disappeared. The last place we picked oranges was at Hunsaders produce near Bradenton, FL. we had to sigh a legal release before going into the grove. The owners said it would be the last year. Law suits by idiots who didn't realize they could get hurt in fields where there were insects, reptiles and tree limbs.

I miss the thrill of picking our own, plus the cost.  We will plant one orange tree at our house when we get back. I don't know how long it takes an orange tree to produce, probably years, but we still plan to plant one.

All law suits are not bad. BUT many are unnecessary and cause others problems in the long run such as the u-pick fields. The u-pick was usually after the professional pickers had gone thru the fields, except oranges. several trees were set aside for u-pickers.

On a brighter note. 

Florida is also cattle country. Today we passed a pasture with only cows and calves. It was such a pleasant sight to see the mama calf tagged by her calf as they were migrating across the field. I wondered out loud how mama cow knew when to ween (gently kick) the little one and 'splain it is time to start eating like a big cow, no more teat.

 (Florida cow pics from the net)

But the scene was so striking, I said, "No wonder Paula is so struck by cows."

Florida holds lots of interests.
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 Cows and cars:

 And when you just cannot leave your cow at home!


Paula said...

Looks like some good eatin' among those trees. One time we drove toward the valley here to buy oranges. Half way down there we found a fruit stand on the side of the road. We bought a large bag of oranges and just stopped on the side of the road and ate until we couldn't any more. You just don't find those good ones in the store.

jack69 said...

In connection with Paula's comment. We found some of the best RED meated oranges and grapefruits I have eaten in "South Texas!" I was surprised to find them there. Pecans were good too!

betty said...

Shame the You picks ended like they did, always will be some that ruin it for all. We want to plant an orange tree here too. Oranges must ripen in the winter here because lots of trees are overloaded with their fruits as we drive by. I wonder how many go to waste because they aren't picked. I remember years ago my uncle and family were visiting. He spotted a mulberry tree that's fruit was ripe. He got permission from the owners to pick the fruit. Delicious pie that evening!



the you pick areas sounded like alot of fun. a shame they disappeared. cows have such expressive faces. love them.

Glenda said...

wow, those "cow" car pics are so funny!!!

Mevely317 said...

Now you've gone and made me nostalgic!
One of my favorite olden photos features my former hubby and his dad (both deceased) among the orange trees their back yard (Bartow).

I'm not a fan of oranges, but love their aroma. Yay for you and Sherry planting one of your very own! (Never having done that I have to ask a silly question: Can you purchase and replant one that's already mature?)

Dar said...

There are lots of U-Pick places around here...for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and some veggies. On our place, we do all the picking of the pumpkins and have them ready on hay wagons for the buyers. We do our stand on the ' honor system'-we price, purchasers pick out what they want and pay at a mailbox that's attached to one of the wagons. It works great so far. If we've broken any 'rules', we haven't been told. From what I've read, we're ok selling the way we, come fall, come one, come all for pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, gourds. Thanks for the free advertising Jack. lol
love n' hugs from up north.......still warm out with snow, ice and mud on the ground.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd be missing this you pick places too. How wonderful to be close by to so much fresh produce. Hope you can still get the fresh stuff, although I'm sure the price would be much higher when not picking your own. I got some tasty oranges in the store recently here and I'm sure they helped to clear up the cold I had. They may not have fresh from the tree, but they were delicious!

Lisa said...

Im thinking Orange trees do not take that long to produce. Ive never went "Upicking" except through some fields to a black berry patch when I was younger. Those were wild and free and made the best cobblers.
I always wanted to go strawberry picking but now sure why I havent ever.

How about a lemon tree?