Monday, January 23, 2017

Today is GOOD!

You guys gave me some thoughts on Johnny. Sister Shirl said ‘Johnny Who,’ and that is the title I has assigned to the manuscript. I smiled.  I will most likely not go with the title, but I smiled at my sister and I thinking alike.  I have two or three months to firm-up a solid title. I already have the ISBN, but can change the title before actual publication.

I was raised in the traditional family. Mom, dad, and children. My parents were of the 'until death do us part' type folk. Sherry and I the same. So I do not know personally the trials of the single parent, nor their children. BUT I am learning from the side lines.  Both sons have experienced divorce and now their children. We are also experiencing the 'Significant other' term that has become part of the landscape.

I have learned in my 78 years. Life WILL change.  I remember a wise teacher once, and a statement of hers, "Things are subject to change." I am going to try to understand 'in words' some of the feelings my grand and great grands must feel (have felt) and that is the face in a single parent environment.

It is hard for some folk to believe or understand that in the first 17 years of my life I  knew of two divorces and zero children born to single mothers. Looking back, I find it hard to believe myself.

Now, I see parents using children as weapons against the other and my heart breaks.  

Life happens, and the results are not always pleasant. But I read and write for enjoyment, maybe escape so reading misery is not enjoyment to me. I like good endings. Imma Louis L'Amour fan, i.e. the good guy always wins and truth prevails. So I write in the same vein. I refuse to live fiction, but I will read and write it.

This book about Johnny I do not plan for the MVA (Modern Vigilante Association) from my other books to be involved, BUT, but..... When I start a novel it is an idea that grows it's own roots and limbs.

Nite Shipslog

 I see many families like this:

But I have seen restorations from worse wrecks than those above:
 I am a hopeful type guy, I also believe in miracles.


betty said...

Its not my statement, but I read it on someone's Facebook feed over the weekend and it was a quote she shared about her professor who said "we are all broken people being raised by broken parents in a world that Satan controls (obviously by authority of Jesus)." Made me think we are all broken, we all need a Savior, and not every marriage is going to last the lifetime like your and Sherry's and so many more. Just this past weekend at church it was emphasized to me that even marriage in a church doesn't guarantee til death does one part. Marriage is hard work, you and Sherry know that. Even with the best of work, it can fall apart. Sadly :(



Commitment to one another with or without the marriage is key. Been thinking of more titles for you. What about Johnny's Path?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've seen time and time again just how divorce devastates the children. It leaves them floundering and wondering how or what they did. Broken marriages also involve the whole family. Does this mean your Johnny book is about a broken marriage? There certainly is a lot of it these days. Commitment is a problem, not just in marriages but in many other things too. Interesting subject, but one we all hope to never go through. Well there are a lot of single moms out there. It's not easy. After my husband died, I had 5 of my 7 children left at home. I lost my mate but not to divorce.

2023 said...

I'm sure your optimism trickled down into your children, grandchildren, greats. Not to say everyone is what their ancestors have exposed them too, but an optimistic, sensible, & caring relative has to have some affect in a positive vein.
You write positive because you mostly are; that is what I suspect.

Lisa said...

Me nor my Husband come from a broken home and we plan to keep ours together as well though I was married before that lasted about 6 months. My daughter was born and Nick Married me and adopted her as his own and gave us both his last name. I feel bad for the children now days that are torn between two sets of parents and Im glad my daughter does not have to experiene that. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Love like crazy is the key.

Dar said...

You'll come up with the exact right title. You have the knack. Yes, broken and mixed families are an added struggle from the ' til death do us part ' marriages of our distant memory. Marriage IS hard work sometimes and God does not give us struggles we cannot eventually turn into triumph. Thank God for that.
From up north, we send hugs and love...still in the 40's, highly unusual for our Jan. thaw to last this, yes, more snow and winter is still around the corner again.