Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toilet report, shower too!

Okay one outside shelf, one piece of molding and sealing the grout and the project is done.  Well except turning a switch over.  My girl came out to check on me at 8:30 and I was finishing up with the last light switch. She reported I had installed it upside down.

I 'splained if it don't  come on one way push it the other way. These switches are the rocker type and do not have a note for off and on. Usually when I am installing and see NO instead of ON, I know I have it upside down. LOL 

 But the toilet flushes!

Anyway I must clean up a small mess I left out there and it is done. PICTURES AND STORY TOMORROW! I am calling it a night.

Hope you all had a good day, I had a great one.

Nite Shipslog 

 1912 Sunbeam
An upside down car!


betty said...

Must be a great feeling to be 99.9% done! Can't wait to see the pictures!


Stephanie Faris said...

There's no wrong way--as long as it works for you! You sound like you're very handy. I can't do any of that stuff!


Sounds like you are moving this project right along and going to finish it in record time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great news ! The toilet flushes ! almost done sounds wonderful. That was a major big time job!

Dar said...

Good things happen for the patient and wise, and I see you have both....happy for you and know you will sleep well after another job well done.
Huggin' from up north where the winds blow strong today but the temps are on the rise...It's a good day for fresh veggie soup and apple pie.

Mevely317 said...

Whoops, but I'm going backwards again.
Tom had his cataract surgery today, so I'm blaming HIM for my hodgepodge blog visits.

You cracked me up with that on/no light switch remark.
Congrats again on your 'new' home finish!

shirl72 said...

This was a good one that I missed..I think you get up during the night and write
a new blog. Those kids are so funny...