Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I am not sure if our travel life is nearing an end or not, but today I was thinking of nature's beautiful spots we have seen. The Grand Canyon, The Redwood Forest, Yosemite, the Highway to the Sun, Big Bend, Niagara Falls, Lake Louise, Glaciers, Mt. Whitney, The Painted Desert, Pike’s Peak, and the list goes on. We began this Odyssey in earnest in 1997. Traveling to every state most of Canada and walked into Mexico several times. When your home is on wheels there is so much to see.  We first centered on Natural's beauties. Reaching the coast lines we parked our home and flew to Hawaii.  On The East coast we flew to Germany and did a whirlwind tour of several countries in Europe.
 The Eiffel tower in Paris

 A Castle in Germany
We had heard of the Bad Lands and thought, gotta do that. On the way we stopped to see the Area of South Dakota that inspired 'The Little House on the Prairie'. Strange the Cottonwoods still grow that Pa planted in DeSmit.

 The last house Pa built in DeSmit. Not the shack he first built. Below the Corn Palace in Mitchel. Sherry's sister Colette and my buddy Sonny. Sometimes traveling friends)

On that round the USA trip we started including many Man made wonders. There was the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument (that continues to be carved from a mountain). Shucks just crossing the Rockies is a man-made wonder. Oh yeah, SOO Locks in Upper country, recommended by Wisconsin Bloggers. Then the House on the Rock (Rec. by Don & Evelyn RV’er) Also the man made ferry crossing the swift Yukon River is a wonder. Visiting the Alamo was a highlight for me.  We drove the top of the World highway thru Chicken, Alaska.

For all the places we have driven or flown to, we have met equally wonderful folk. Not watching too much news and chatting with fellow campers you learn there are some neat folk in this world. Sitting around the campfire and hearing of others’ lives makes you appreciate life itself. We have camped beside great tent campers and good folk in million dollar units, they all have an interesting story to tell. You seldom meet a ‘sour’ traveler.

You might remember thinking after hearing a good story, “I will remember this.” But sadly you do not. I have thought so many times I wish I had recorded many of the stories.

Do you have a preference?  Or like us make a shotgun approach?  I do not remember a BAD trip. Also I learned early, getting there can sometimes MAKE the trip or destination.

Not everyone likes to travel.  But I love seeing the USA from the driver’s seat thru our picture window.  LOL

 IMMA tell you, it is going to be hard to PARK!

Nite Shipslog

 These from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, IN.  Home of Notre Dame University/


Paula said...

I hope you don't really have to park but I do know there comes a time. We hardly go to the ranch at all anymore. John's son checks the cows and in about a year his lease will be up. It's sad he has lost interest and just watches TV all day or sleeps.


Traveling can wear you out after a while. So i'd prefer being a homebody in the right place, but I have not found it yet.

betty said...

I can't see you parking. I can see you and Sherry just shortening the distances you travel. I like to go out and travel, but not by plane, so one has to be careful with planning an adventure not to be stuck too much in the car for the short days of vacation we have this side of eternity. You both have certainly seen so many wonderful things!


Lisa said...

I would never know. I have only been to NC, SC and Florida. But never seen florida except through the passanger side window. You and Sherry are blessed with great adventures and good health. Dont put it way yet. Like I said before, "keep traveling until you get to the other side".

Of course a small home in Florida can be a great settle.

Mevely317 said...

You're so fortunate, Jack!
My dad had the wanderlust spirit as well; and worked so hard each year to earn the 'privilege' of driving this way and that across the U.S. .... so his daughter could say she'd been in all the contiguous states. (Pity, I don't recall most.)

Funny. The older I become, the more places I want to see. Like Betty, I've little use for air travel. Maybe when I win the lottery (LOL) I can hire a chauffeur?

Rick Watson said...

We enjoy traveling too. We've seen a good bit but there is still so much to see.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was remarking just yesterday to my sister that little did we realize we should have written more down from our younger years. People and places are sometimes hard to remember. Yes I do wish I'd done more of that. You have seen some wonderful places and I'm sure there are many more to see too.

2023 said...

I hope you are not contemplating a travel end because of any health concern you or Sherry may have. If not for a very good reason, I doubt you'd keep a No Traveling commitment for very long.