Sunday, January 22, 2017

This, that and Johnny

The post on u-pick and planting an orange tree generated some good questions and comments. Betty said her Uncle spotted a tree full of fruit and it appeared no one planned to pick, talked to the owner and was given permission to harvest.  Betty, as we walk here we see grapefruit and orange trees loaded and no one seems to pick them. I am tempted to do that, but haven't had the nerve yet. BUT I sure want to.

Myra suggested the possibility of a mature Orange tree transplanted. I plan to check, but it is probably out of the budget, but  a great idea if it fits.

Paula mentioned the Texas Orange.  We had some of the best 'red' meat oranges we ever tasted in Southern Texas. That really did surprise me. I never associated oranges with Texas for some reason.

Dar up in the North Wood of Wisconsin and her hubby Bill have a roadside stand on the honor system. They have some great dirt up there that produces some nice pumpkins and potatoes also. I do wish we were in the area at harvest time. Some of the best veggies from a road side stand shocked me, in Michigan no less, and I thought they grew cars.. MMMM the tomatoes were out of this world...

It also generated an e-mail from friend Buddy over in Beverly Hills. He says he has a fantastic Orange tree planting story, Buddy is a story teller, so I am sure it will be better told in person.  Buddy is one of the heroes in my books and has lived all over the country so no telling where the tree was planted.

NOW, speaking of books.  My first book was ‘Sticky.’  Sticky being one of the dirt movers I used when I was a builder. I should have researched the name, but it has worked out well. This one I wanted to call simply: 'Johnny' it will work, but there are many 'Johnny' books available. I tried Just Johnny, too many. Now I am considering "That — Johnny", but afraid the long dash would be hard to search. I would appreciate any suggestions.

The idea comes from my last Book the Appalachian Trail using the ‘Johnny’ that Jerry met on the AT. Johnny is a troubled teen and was on the trail with other trouble boys and their assigned social worker Mr. King.

I like the book already, BTW my last book "The Appalachian Trail" is selling very well.  I am thrilled.  A few are still being sold in the UK, Greece, Germany and France.
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I have learned a short title is searched more and easily found, plus when I write it in letters, it is easier for me. LOL   (Sometimes I can write two words without a proof reader) ;-) 

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shirl72 said...

How about "GO JOHNNY".. "JOHNNY WHO" "I BE JOHNNY" my three choices. What is the book about...

Mevely317 said...

So neat to learn the A.T. is selling well! I really (really) enjoyed it, Jack.

Johnny? How about, "Johnny Be Good"? (... borrowing an old song lyric; I'm tired and not that original.)

Unknown said...

How about Johnny's Trail ?


Trailing Johnny? Happy Trails Johnny? I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Paula said...

I'm glad your book is doing so well. I really enjoyed it along with all the others.

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack! You'll be surprised how many orange trees have ripe oranges and I've yet to see people picking them. The orange trees at the park you can tell people have picked them as high as they can reach (might have to bring a ladder some day) (just kidding). Our neighbor next door has an orange tree with "tons" of oranges on their tree. I was tempted to ring their doorbell and offer to pick what they had and share it 70/30 (them 70) :)

Glad to hear Appalachian Trail is doing great. I sure enjoyed reading it!


Glenda said...

Regarding the transplant of a mature tree, my landscaper cousin said to draw a circle around in the ground several feet out from the trunk and trench down to the root on one fourth of the circle and sever. Wait thirty days, repeat cutting the roots on second trenching (the prior cut should have new root growth by then) and wait another 30 days and continue. In four months you should be able to dig the tree, wrap roots in burlap and replant elsewhere. Thinking I'd head to a nursery and get one in a pot!!! I do, have new blooms on a mango put in the ground last summer, on some trees it doesn't take long. Not sure how quickly citrus provides a crop!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having your very own orange tree would be wonderful. That would probably be worth investigating. The first thing came into my mind with Johnny was ....OH, Johnny, oh Johnny, Oh! Good luck on starting yet another book !

Lisa said...

Ok. Hmmm you got me thinking. Is the book about Johnny you talked about in your last book? If so, heres some more ideas for a title. "What's Troubling Johnny?"
"Just Johnny"
"Boy Named Johnny"
"Trailing Johnny"

You wil figure it out and I cant wait to read it.

Dar said...

Sounds like you're having trouble titling Johnny...of others suggestions, I like Johnny's Trails .
As for transplanting a mature orange tree, sounds like a long, risky process but I do see how it would work. Maybe ask around the neighborhood for a sample or three.
Love n' hugs from up north where Bill and Eric are about to make a pulp truck load of hardwood for market. I'll be cooking.