Sunday, January 15, 2017

I copied, Okay?

Ken, over at Sunday Silliness had a blog for a good while. He documented a trip he and his wife made on Route 66 once and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Anyway he is an engineer methinks with a great sense of humor I think he is also, Bucko the clown. Anyway his entry is usually one line along with a unique graphic. today' made me crack up so I COPIED!

That is his entire blog entry. Now Ain't that the truth in pictures.  HAHAHA.

So I was laughing. As you know I have been working here. I do get 'pretty  sorry looking' as my mama would say. So I went to Home Depot the other day and Sherry found a beauty shop in a busy place. I finished my shopping early and came back to wait. I sat outside on a bench.

I did look pretty bad, and I did get 'the eye' from some shoppers, I just smiled. When Sherry came out I said if I could have found a piece of card-board and a pencil I could have made some money while I waited!

Going off point.....
In the mountains of North Carolina lines of cars stopped or at a crawl is sometime called a 'Bear-jam'. That happens when One of the NC bears stands on the side of the road to watch the tourists.

In Florida neighborhoods we have Bird-jams.  The Ibis is a long curved bill bird that stands about 12-20" tall. They do fly, but most of the time they wander around the neighborhoods pecking bugs with the long beaks. I caught these pictures but I was slow thinking of the camera.  They saunter across the road knowing we folk will stop.
 The last dude just stood there staring me down. He hardly shows up in the picture.

 The other day it was Sand Hill cranes, and again I didn't think of the camera until they had crossed.
The neighborhood traffic here is great. kids can play basketball in the streets with no danger.

Nite Shipslog

 1976 Ford f-150


Paula said...

I like your neighborhood. It's kind of like ours, basketball hoops at the curb. Did get a surprise when I came from Walmart today though. Police were driving slow around and around and some were out looking behind houses.


Here we just have geese and ducks. What beautiful birds you have to distract you.

Unknown said...

Interesting to have those birds wandering around.
If you have Windows Photo Gallery on your computer (or a similar program), you can open the edit function (go to fine tune, then exposure) and DECREASE the brightness and DECREASE the highlights, your bird will show up like magic.

betty said...

Nice to live in a neighborhood where the kids can be outside playing and playing safely!


Lisa said...

This was a fun read. I can picture you sitting outside on a bench looking like a tired painter then out comes a beautiful princess Sherry from the beauty shop to go home with you. Hahaha.
I have never heard of those kind of birds. They look like storks.

That truck gets four thumbs up!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Bird watching takes on a whole new sight down where you live. The only thing I've seen much of here this winter is tiny little sparrows. When I used to drive to work there was one place that always had ducks crossing the road. I loved seeing the little ones in the spring and always knew to take it slowly.

shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I can't type anymore...You are right everyone on our family had talent. I think is keeps our mind active.

Mevely317 said...

Cardboard and pencil? That Sherry cracks me up!

Yes, now I remember those cheeky cranes. :) I'd LOVE seeing a NC bear up close. They captivate me! (Well, maybe not THAT close. LOL)

Glenda said...

For some reason the Shipslog has not come thru on the feed that I set up on yahoo and I've missed several days. So glad I saw in the Live Traffic Feed all the comments for "I copied" and was able to go to the Archive. So, I learned something and am relieved to know that all is well.
Glad I did, LOVE the box of pencils! The ibis is one of my favorite FL birds also; have had dozens of them trail across my yard pecking away, so pretty. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Dar said...

The Sandhill Cranes visit us every spring through summer eating winter rye and bugs in the grass....and bear have also visited the feeders in the fall looking for that one last free meal before hibernation (My favorite winter sport). LOL
Loved the ' staying sharp ' statement. Isn't that the truth.
Hugs from a beautiful spring-like day in our north woods.

2023 said...

At least you think sharp, & so does Ken. I read his wife Beth's blog. We differ on many political things, but she is very intelligent & interesting...also appears to be a very good person.