Sunday, January 7, 2018

And I thought 32 was 32

Historical Picture

              Rural 1937, I love this shot. Range chickens, Cars, wagon and gas pump! two years before I discovered America!

When is 32 not just 32?
Every once in a while certain terms in this modern world of accuracy bug me. We all feel different lots of times. MANY restaurants my girl enters, she will say, ‘It’s freezing in here.’ Now I know she doesn’t mean it is 32 degrees. She is just exaggerating to express her discomfort.

If you like things sweet and put 3 tsp sugar in your coffee and someone tastes it, they may just say ‘THAT is TOO sweet,’ to which you say, “I feel different about that, I like my coffee sweet!”  So all our ‘sweeters’ or sweet taste buds are not the same.
Once mama was leading Shirl and me by the hands at an institute for the insane. A lady was looking thru a barred window and called out to mama, “You think them little devils are cute, BUT THEY AIN’T.” (Actually a true story) Well mama did think we were cute (me more than Shirl of course) but see, there is a difference of opinion of cute.  We just don’t feel the same as everyone else.

Do you remember when paper mills smelled terrible to anyone except the residents? The visitor would say, “What is that terrible smell?” The resident may feel completely different about that smell.

This could go on and on in my mind, I am just trying to make a point.

In the last 20+ years the Weather people have a practice of telling me how I feel. “WOW people out there, it is 32 degrees outside, BUT it feels like 22 degrees.  Now, How does he know?

Just before coming on the air did he yell at Tommy the office assistant, “Tommy walk outside and check  the temp. NO not with a thermometer, just tell me how it feels!”

Now if Tommy was raised in Jamaica, he gonna come back and say, “It feels like ZERO out there!”

Contrariwise, If Tommy lived near Dar and Mel up in the North Woods of Wisconsin growing up, he might come back in smiling, “Hey dude we be having a heat wave, I’m thinking of going swimming! FEELS great to me.”

Anyway, I don’t like anyone telling me how I feel, less’n it is Sherry. Imma close with a line Pastor Carter told me: “Once at a convention my wife ‘mouthed’ across the room ‘Put… on… your… coat…’.  I walked over to her and asked, “Am I cold? Or are we leaving?”
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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little sarcasm……                                                                                                      
Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

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                                New car in 1937, the Stutz!


Paula said...

Oh thank you for the laugh. I love this post Jack. I'm like Sherry, I've been freezing lately and this is south Texas so how could that be?

Chatty Crone said...

That was really a cute and funny post - I enjoyed it.


Loved that last line. "am I cold or are we leaving?

Lisa said...

This post makes a lot of since to me. Speaking of the paper mills, we pass one on the way to the beach. I remember years ago, It smelled soo bad. Not so much now.
As far as coats go, Its a moms instinct. We are told when we have babies that whatever we feel, they feel. So, we assume everyone feels like us.
I always felt the way you do about food. I never liked it when someone says “Eat it, its good”.
Everything in life is an opinion.

Unknown said...

I guess I will be the contrary one, here. I totally get what you are saying about opinions about food and cute kids, but there is a subjective and scientific way to arrive at what the temperature "feels like" which has to do with humidity and wind chill (and perhaps other factors). And you've undoubtedly experienced it. I like to walk. Today it was about 30 degrees when I walked. There was no wind to speak of. That is quite different from a day with a similar temperature and a stiff breeze. Likewise, the summer humidity can make a big difference in how 85 degrees feels, with a high humidity making it feel hotter than if the humidity was low.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I got a good laugh over your post too. We've been seeing that feels like added to most all our weather reports. This morning it actually was 32 degrees here but to us in the frozen north it does feel like a heatwave and a welcome one for sure !

Dar said...

Smell and taste are indeed, as personal as the feeling of hot to cold on our backs. The awful paper mill smells come from the sulfur but emissions are more controlled these days. Well, most of them. And yes, we are loving our heatwave in the north. A week in the 30's is about the most welcome thing we have to look forward to LOLOLOL. I'm not ready to go swimming tho. Mel and I have gone swimming in the great Gitchegoomee (Lake Superior) and it did feel like it was freezin' in late summer. LOL thanks for todays laughs.
love n' hugs from our frozen north where we choose to be survivors another day. Great day to you two lovebirds.

Glenda said...

Your tale about the insane lady is a hoot! Yep, tastes, temps and smells are what we get used to ~ always drank my coffee black until reading that is was too acidic and how hard it was to drink with cream ~ now it's likely black wouldn't taste so wonderful. And for sure, I wouldn't want to adjust to Missouri winters!!!

Mevely317 said...

Chuckling over here (between coughs).
Never again will I hear a meteorologist say, "Feels like" without thinking of this post.