Monday, January 1, 2018

I’m a believer now in the new year’s meal

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Gabby Harnett signs a baseball for Al Capone's son.  1931.

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Do you observe what my wife calls the New Year’s Day meal? Sherry always has some form of it. Black eye peas, change in your pocket, Collard Greens for greenbacks and lastly, hog jowl, for good luck. At least that is the way her mama and daddy taught it. (I know Lisa does, LOL, she said her house smelled like collards !)
Growing up I do not remember any special meal for the New Year. BUT this year I became a believer that lots of folks believe this traditional meal.
Why? I am sure, you are asking? LOL. Okay here it is. We went shopping for the required stuff New Year’s Eve. I suggested canned black eyed peas, NOT SO! They will be dried. But believe it or not there was every dried bean and pea known to man, BUT NO BLACK EYED PEAS! SOLD COMPLETELY OUT!  Ok she said, I will get a can of them. Shelves are empty! No cans of black eyed peas. I looked around and sure enough I did spot a case of canned  B.E. peas stored much higher than I could reach. Thomas, a local worker got them down and we left with two cans of Black eyed peas.
Like bread and milk down south when an inch of snow is predicted and the shelves empty, so must it be with the New Year’s meal.  So I am a believer. WE had our meal it was delicious with corn bread. I held back a piece of cornbread to go with my milk later.
Life is good. And with the guarantee of a New Year’s meal this will be a great YEAR! 2018, 2018....  Remember that when you date your checks!  LOL (do we still write checks?)

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Life isn't tied with a bow ...
but it's still a gift.

(THis is the last Aphorism, next sarcasm!)

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wow they were sold out of black eyed peas. impressive for sure. must be something to that traditional meal. good luck perhaps?

shirl72 said...

That is funny I have heard that all my life. I think a lot of people believe it. I will eat greens so I will have a lot of green money.

Glenda said...

Have attempted to enter a comment TWICE and lost it when posting...idk. Last time.
My Mama cooked blackeyed peas weekly, had nothing to do with New Years! It was a Florida thing, along with grits. We did not eat collards. However, if you polled my family (siblings ~ yep will take awhile) they will tell you that blackeyed peas were a staple. And, to this day, one of my favorites! Yep, I'll even buy the canned ones and douse 'em up with some seasoning, not pork jowl 'cause of the calories, but spices work just as well!!!
Thanks, Jack for a trip down memory lane.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't make it as NO ONE except me would eat it - but my mom always did - and we were from Chicago! lol

Mevely317 said...

We had the exact same thing happen last year, and even asked an employee if there were any cans in the back. "Nooooo."

Tom can't stand them ... but knowing I was disappointed, he couldn't wait to share news a few days later, "I found your peas!"
I laughed SO hard, Jack. What he thought were black-eyed peas was a can of black beans. Poor guy needs to get 'learned' in the ways of the South. LOL.

Lisa said...

Haha. We cook our collards outside and smell the neighborhood up. I love hog jawl! We had trouble finding black eye peas too. We used to do the dry ones but one year the stores were out so we bought cans. Everyone thought I made the best peas ever that year so we always resort to cans now. Ha!

salemslot9 said...

yes I still write checks ;)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did see that even Florida is a part of this cold snap. But who would imagine someone running out of black eyed peas. I have pork and sauerkraut here. My folks always said that would bring a happy New Year. So I continue the tradition. Hope you all are warming up once again. in the single digits here and sometime below. Schools are closed due to the weather and no one minds staying home and keeping warm.

Wise Hearted said...

Life isn't tied with a bow ...
but it's still a gift.
Priceless quote...going to have to use it on my facebook wall..