Monday, January 8, 2018

Honest, I love dogs!

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  Cowboys around the hoodlum wagon on the Spur Ranch, Texas, late 1890s.
 (? for Paula, Is John familiar with the term 'hoodlum'

I have read some great dog books lately. Myra suggested Bruce Cameron. He came up with a great idea and has followed through with it.  I even like to think the ‘theory’ is true, however I know it is fiction (don’t I?)

My ideas and mental frame of mind about pets contrast a more modern view. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but as my grandsons would say, “Grandpa everyone has an opinion.” 

The said that when 4 years old. I am sure now that they are 30, that they have learned something more about opinions.  Yes we all have one, but not everyone agrees with yours. Some will fight to change yours. I try to take the approach of live and let live.

This blog expresses my opinions. Of course as a writer I want to be read, so stick with me here if I am allowed to have an opinion. Otherwise you might want to skip the rest.

My dad one of the best men I have ever known loved animals. But when it came to medical help for a pet, if home help, logic and love didn’t help, then nature took its course.  He taught me that Veterinarians were there to treat farm animals. Animals that helped feed and clothe families. Dad was raised on a farm. Dogs were mostly hunting dogs, others were pets. Some were both.

Dogs were also outside animals. Home protection, etc. Yeah I know these are older ideas and values. But it scares me when people start putting their pets on the level as ‘actual family members’.  On the level with humans? I have loved dogs, birds, even cats, but I would never put their lives on the level of a brother or sister. 

I have read here on the internet, “If it comes to affording medicine for me or hubby and the dog, the dog’s medicine comes first.”  OUCH.
Is that fair to the children who might have to take care of you because you did not get your meds????

When that dog got so old, it was hurting and medicines were no longer any help the dog was ‘put down’ (true & I do not blame the person).

Will you treat Hubby, child, mama, or dad the same?
Of course not. (NOTE To my sons: remember that!)

I smile here in the RV parks, people pushing strollers with their puppies. Dogs want to exercise, need to walk and run. Some are too old and cannot and I understand it, but the most are young puppies and dogs.

After all that, I know you think I am a little sick. But I have a great dog book in the works that expresses my feelings and love for a dog much better.

Thanks for reading. Please come back, I promise to be better. Also if you disagree, feel free to express it here in a comment. We all have an opinion.
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 PS Now in this case, the dog may be the next of kin...

PSa: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little  sarcasm……

Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
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Mevely317 said...

Funny, but Tom and I were just talking about that yesterday. His daughter and her hubby have 6 (or 7?) right now. They're 'outside' animals, but all afforded food and shelter. Love? Not so sure about that.

I know I made the mistake of humanizing my Caraleigh ... so much so I still grieve for her. Tho we shake our heads at Macie and Grace, they've captured our hearts and there's no way we could keep them at arm's length.

Interesting post, Jack. Nope, I don't think you could ever write anything that offends.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay, I wouldn't put Disco before my family - BUT I do love with my heart - that darn dog.


our pets take a front seat as far as i'm concerned. whats not to love.

Lisa said...

Im with you 100 percent on this one Jack. Like you, Our dogs lived a happy life but if they got sick, we would “call” the vet and he would recommend somthing to feed it to make it feel better. No one put dog care ahaed of family care and most simply needed the money to keep food on the table. Pet grooming to us was a galvanized tub in the back yard.
A lot of people today are rediculous with pets in my opinion. “Let them be dogs”.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our pets are often like family and right now I have some grand dogs that I'm very fond of but no...I would never put a pet over FAMILY. And yes, they do need exercise. But I have heard of places that require dogs in buggies as they don't want them running around as some people are scared of them. I know you are fond of dogs from your past stories of yours.

Dar said...

Fine job expressing how I also feel about them, have had them, but let dogs be dogs. Our family has always come first and foremost. On the other hand, the ' beware ' signs meant mostly for dogs could also apply to the bad guys.
love n' hugs from up north where my bird feeders are loaded with songbirds. They know a snow storm is brewing up north of us and they're filling up!