Thursday, January 25, 2018

THAT Missing Comb

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         The first international match at Wimbledon 1883

 Tonites mess....
 I carry stuff in my pockets. Over the years one item is practically a part of me. You ladies have objects dear to you that you have carried for ages. I remember a lipstick holder Sherry carried. A cute clothe covered holder. I repaired it several times for her. I remember when I replaced it.

 Evelyn was in the hospital in Florida. I was introduced to something I had never seen. There was a ‘flea market in the lobby of that hospital. No, not a ‘dirty market’ but selling new knick-knacks. They even had a man buying gold (appropriate for folks who needed to pay the hospital bills I thought). But one item caught my eye and I replaced that lipstick holder. It was hard for her to give up the old worn one, but finally did. Now that one has become part of her stash.

My comb was always in my right back pocket with my handkerchief. I used it to comb my duck's tail as a teen or to keep my hair standing straight up in a flattop.

 Then to keep my hair in place for inspections in the military.

It served many purposes. I could use it to remove dog hair from black pants. Winters it was handy to scrape frost from my car windshield. Along with spit, it helped take stubborn stains from my Sunday pants.

Well that heirloom is long gone now. On very rare occasions I still reach for that comb. 

I was cool as a kid. I carried a dollar pocket watch. Somewhere along the line I switched to a Timex wrist watch. Sherry once bought me a gold watch. I still have it but the band is gone. I am back to the cheap watch.  Our Sons tell me, I no longer need one. Use your phone! 

 Everyone tells me the same about my cameras, USE YOUR PHONE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE MADE FOR! ……HUH UH!  The cell phone was created by God for communications. I am sure Moses used one to herd the folk through the Red Sea (smile) .. It must be in the Bible somewhere.

The one thing not changed in my life is my pocket knife. It is no longer the Camp-King or Swiss Military knife. It No longer holds a cork screw, screw driver, hole punch, bottle opener and three blades.  This one is an old man’s knife, smaller, having one very sharp blade.

NOW-A-DAYS there are places my pocket knife cannot go with me. BUT there was a time my knife went to school with me, thru the military and the building industry. It went to church movies and dates. Like my friend Gary out in Kentucky answered when Debbie asked him, “Have you got your pocket knife GAry?” His answer was simple, “Got my pants on don’t I?” 99% of the time that answer is correct!
I miss Debbie as a blogger and think of Gary often.

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PS:  Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony:
There's a town in Washington with treetop bridges made specifically to help squirrels cross the street.
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       Robert Montgomery with his Cadillac Phaeton.


Glenda said...

My first guess was a pocket knife!!! In my age group, it’s still a pretty common item To carry. And that lipstick carrier pictured is similar to one that I have!

Paula said...

I have a lipstick carrier but it is made of leather and pretty but I have never been in the habit of carrying it, don't know why. I remember when those Duck Tails were in style. Bet you were the cat's meow.

Chatty Crone said...

Sweet you bought Sherry a new lipstick holder. I have never had one. You were a cutie - with your duck tail! And I have to admit I have never carried a knife either! lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never wear a watch anymore. I quite that and also setting the alarm clock when I retired. But I do us the phone to check the time now an then and I also take pictures with it. The camera hasn't made it out of its case in a long long time, but yes, I do still carry a comb. How things to change and we rarely even notice it.

Mevely317 said...

I'll bet Tom's going to love this one! He always carried a little pocket knife until a few years back at the airport he lost an argument with a TSA agent. (Yes, I refrained from saying, "I told you so!")

One of my favorite possessions ever is a filthy red combo comb/rat tool my son gave me years and years ago when he tired of caring for his own pompadour. Today his wife shaves off what little hair he has remaining but I still remember that young Tom Hanks look-alike with a smile.


like that lipstick holder. what a sweet gesture to replace it with a new one.