Monday, January 22, 2018

Walking and talking

Historical Photo:
Chess game 1924, St Petersburg, Russia  using real Human soldiers and horses.

Once a person told me they did not know how long they could continue in their marriage. They were upset. My standard answer to that is, I don’t know how you guys are together, but the problems Sherry and I have had have been 99% my fault. I am not saying that to be cool, self-serving or as a martyr. It is the truth, and I know it.

Men are stupid at times, probably more so than women. I DO NOT KNOW THAT FOR A FACT. There are exceptions, I have met a few women I could not have lived with. I say that with a ‘little’ authority, I once headed a section with 26 women and 3 men.

We have walked and talked so many times. Solving VERY SERIOUS and small family problems. We did not always fix the problem, but learned to live with something we could not change. Once we realized we needed a support group, the problem was too big, so we agreed. 

A sweet younger stranger once stopped us and said, "Lovers holding hands, this is a Hallmark Moment."

At present, there are some minor problems, nothing life bothering. As we walked a day or so ago, Sherry says to me, “We live a simple life, I am amazed that others cannot.”

I know she was talking about our present life. Such things as  clothes and cars. Neither require Steak and Lobster in our diet, but we do like it. I could live off cornbread and sweet milk (southern term vs butter milk). I could also have cornbread and buttermilk and NEVER gripe. My girl likes pinto beans and cornbread. To add variety, salmon patties and cabbage.

We both can make meals simply of tomato sandwiches. i.e. mayo bread and tomato. We add ham at times, but we enjoy life. Our special ‘eat-out’ is 'usually' veggie pizza, Sherry declares Pizza Hut makes the best, so we usually eat theirs.

I did laugh (as we continued on our walk) “You do mean a simple life now, right? Because like it or not sweetheart, your life, Since we married, has never been simple.”

We both laughed. Walking is now, and has been for years, Darnell therapy. We never solve the world’s problems, but we sure discuss ours. I think we both credit our long marriage to being able to talk. Strained at times, but being able to talk. I know I have 'never'(smile) said it here, but I am blessed with the GEM of the world.

In our late 60's, I was surprised when she said, "Let's walk the Appalachian Trail." 

           (The map reader, She kept us on track)

 I don't know why I was surprised, but I was.  Just a few days later, I said "lead on" and over the next few years we walked about 2000 miles. (Yeah sweetie, your life has been simple, simply crazy!)
 ('That Girl' on the peak of Blood Mountain!)

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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little    sarcasm…… Never miss a good chance to shut up.   
(Bud that one  is hard for me to handle)

William Powell admires Gary Cooper's Duecy.


Woody said...

Walking is Important. We live in a Senior Citizens Complex with 50 Units. We have 2 floors, an elevator and 4 stairways, This time of year we "Walk the Halls", every 2 hours one of us says to the other, "Let's Walk" ! We walk the upper and lower hall ways. We do this about 6 times a day, we measured it and if we walk it 6 times we have almost walked a mile and get a good Cardio workout on the stairways, and we get to hold hands and talk!!!!!! Take Care, sending love and warmth from the Frozen North, Gary

Chatty Crone said...

I like that you can admit you are 99% of the problem.
I like the last quote.
I like that you and Sherry can TALK.
I think one of my problems here is that we have three generations - living in one place.

Rain said...

This was good timing for me to read Jack. Thank you. :) Sherry is a wonderful woman. I'm still in awe of your life. :)

Mevely317 said...

I'm thinking the two of you are a (wonder-full) exception to the rule!
Aside from occasionally sitting across from one another in a booth at Village Inn, 'visiting' has fallen by the wayside. Thank you for the wake-up call!

Paula said...

You two are a team made in heaven.


i like a man that can admit when he's wrong. and a woman who can forgive him. you and sherry were made for each other.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Walking is always good and I agree communication is the key. Talking doesn't solve the problems but it surely does help. I do miss that companionship, but thankfully I do have plenty of family and friends to talk to. You two are my favorite couple and you do hand out some good advice too!

Dar said...

I still have a hard time getting my guy to walk with me but we Do talk more now than ever. When he still worked his job at the papermill, we rarely had time to pass in the kitchen raising 5 kids in every direction. Kids grew up and on their own, suddenly the house was quiet....our perfect time to get to know one another again. We also live a simple life we don't care to change. We are happy with whatever direction the good Lord has for us. Contentment comes in so many forms.
love n' hugs where we were dropped another 8-10 inches of snow and drifting. Bill will be plowing most the day. He just returned from the neighbor driveway.

Glenda said...

So now I'm craving cornbread, what I need to do is take a walk! Hope your minor problems resolve soon, hugs from Chobee.