Saturday, January 27, 2018

Old money

Historical Photo:

 The only known photo of Billy the Kid when he was alive.. 1879.

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I have been very busy these last few days. The basement of this motor home has needed a cleaning. I have taken the time lately to empty each compartment below. Actually I have found some things I forgot I have.

One find was a bag of money.  Old musty money (albeit, pennies and they did smell bad). In my younger days I loved to entertain kids, I was Magic Jack or The Story Teller. I used money a lot. Kids love money. They will answer most any question to dig their hand into a bucket of pennies to see how many they can get. The most is about 40-55 pennies.

I also had a leather sack of money and talked about a rich man and poor man.  The story varied with each presentation. But I found my leather sack of pennies. Here:

They were blackened, some bright copper, some corroded green.  As soon as Sherry sees it she has a place for it. She saves her change all year and at Christmas lets the great grands count it and divide it. So says she, “It goes with the change for the great grands.”

       You see some corroded, dirty and some bright:

So I counted it and finished rolling the pennies. A grand total of $10.32 (1,032 pennies). They weigh right at 5 lbs by our scales.  Just for fun I looked up the price of copper on the market. As scrap copper these coins are worth from $11.60 to a Little over $13.  I remember reading a few weeks ago that it costs about a nickel to mint a penny, Imma asking, Does that make sense? This sack is worth more for scrap than money!

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PS: Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony:
In 1872, Russia sold Alaska to the United States for about 2 cents per acre.
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Lisa said...

I keep a bucket in the laundry room to throw loose pocket change in that I find while doing laundry. That income has lowered since the daughter moved out. Now we keep found change in a bowl. Every few months I will roll the money and put it in our vacation fund. The pennies all go into a seperate jug we have had for years. Its full and no telling how much is in there. We can’t lift it any more.

Chatty Crone said...

I thought they were going to do away with the penny. Therefore it might become valuable - but I don't think that is going to happen.

Paula said...

I used to have some pennies wrapped in those old wrappers like you show here. Do they still make them? I finally took all our change to WalMart and used one of those coin machines for the first time.


i save coins too. then cash them in at one of those coin machines. the grands will love them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love that idea of Sherry's letting the grand children divide up the change saved each year. I can picture it now! What a fun thing to do! Course time and distance keeps my family apart too often and that would be a hard thing for them to do in my case. I guess I could do it for them...I have lots of old money around here and most of it is pennies. Ha!