Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Blind to color shades!

Historical Photo:
           New Orleans Italian Quarter 1906

Color blind?
 I am not color blind, but I cannot judge color variations.  I paint landscapes and do pretty well, but over the years I have determined to match something ‘color for color’ not match as blend like Tan, yellow, brown matches well (I think). I mean getting the paint to match a car or building, I fail. I just cannot get it thru my head QUIT TRYING! Sorta like my singing, people look at me like, “Quit trying to sing!”

There is a small tear in our vinyl upholstery, so I ordered this super dooper repair kit. Very simple (That should scare you)

The first thing you must know is the color of the vinyl. I guessed ivory right off. There is no ivory listed, but Sherry says that is not ivory anyway it is off-white.

So for off-white it says mix small amount brown or black to white.  I could not come up with the color using brown, so I tried black. Two or three tries with both I had it either too dark or too light. So I gave up and left it too light. Maybe it will get worn (dirty) and blend in. OR I will get the nerve to mix another batch. 

Much, much worse. Once my wife told me what color carpet she wanted in our new house. So I said, “Got it.” I orally gave instructions to the Carpet man. When it was laid I gave them their check and said, Thanks guys, great job looks wonderful she will love this. That evening after work Sherry came over to see the progress, after all this is about the last step and we move in!
“THAT IS NOT THE COLOR I SAID!” She didn’t cry or yell, much more. Then like the trooper she is, she said, “Honey, I can live with it.”

Picking colors ain’t my best suit!
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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little sarcasm……                            
Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.
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Mevely317 said...

Laughing out loud over here! God bless, Sherry ... I don't know I'd be as gracious. (Then again, you've a one-in-a-million ladies.)

Again, HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, Jack. To use one of Rick's expressions, I hope your day was remarkable.

Paula said...

Awww Sherry has the patience of a saint. I know a lot of women who would have thrown a fit. I probably would have been disappointed but lived with it.

Chatty Crone said...

Your wife IS A SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




happy birthday and many more.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness for Sherry who is always there for you! You may not get the colors straight but you do a good job of fixing thing. I see Happy Birthdays are due to you ! So I'm sending a birthday wish your way too! Have a very Happy Day !

Lisa said...

Sherry is a good sport! I just love her! Somethings are not worth a fuss. Now, lets talk about that patch!!! Hahha. Bless. Yes, I think it will eventually fade to match better.

Snowed in

Dar said...

To make ya feel better, leathers are hard to, how in the devil did I miss your BDay? I know your anniv. is in Sept, Sherry's BDay in Nov. but hmmmmmm., I'm loosin it. Anyway, big guy, Happy BDay to you and sooo many more. That would be 50something, right! Why didn't I remember it was right after Mel's. dang. Double celebrations.
love n' hugs from up north...where our snow is m e l t i n g...and it makes me happy until the predicted weekend