Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The age of dementia…..

Historical Photo:

 Looking around at the city, can you imagine how high these guys are, and no safety harness.

A terrible subject, but one that is real. Sherry’s family has a history of heart disease  and cancer. On my side of the family it has been heart disease, heart attacks and dementia.    To tell you the truth dementia worries me more than the heart. I have a good friend who is very concerned about dementia. He has started plans for his own care and that of his family IF the terrible thing happens. Presently there are no symptoms.

Since dementia runs in my mother’s side of the family I am subject to Alzheimer’s. The dementia started near my age now. I could be the one 'losing it'. Sherry and I have already told BOTH our sons, when we cannot care for ourselves put us in an assisted care facility to get better, or remain until the ultimate happens. We do not want to be a burden on our sons. I do not want to drop that responsibility on anyone.

I have went over this a couple times here on the blog. I was very ignorant when my mama needed assisted living. I stated emphatically, “MY mother will never be in assisted living.”  In doing so I saddled our family with the job of taking care of mama. Sherry quit a good job in D.C. to come down and take care of mama. My sister Shirl returned to  NC to assist. Her hubby Jim quit a very good job in Maryland to help with mama.  I bear that burden of REFUSING to allow mama to be in assisted living. It could have damaged a perfect marriage, and came close to it.  I was still stuck back in the age of the Waltons. I must say this, mama was sweet until she passed. She was never mean or demanding, just lost in time.

I threw a monkey wrench in the lives of two families because I was VERY IGNORANT.I DISRUPTED two FAMILIES LIVES.  I do not want my boys to feel that responsibility they have their lives to live. Put me somewhere and come when you can. DO NOT LET me make you feel bad.

Enough of that. This is what is happening at the Florida Estate LOL:

Our RV Gate, solid wood (Son mark called it the ‘stockade’) Son Mark is a smart aleck.

I installed a gate for the “RV using Two sections of privacy fence. HEAVY.  It warped so much I felt bad, since I am supposed to be such a great builder. LOL

            (Notice how it leans out at the top!)

This week I looked up gates. This one I saw for $1395.00.  I am a cheap skate. I built it for $290.

Now Sherry can open it with no problem. It is light and swings on it's own. I like it.

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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good sarcasm……

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone.

           I spotted this Edsel ('58) in The Villages. That is what vintage is for. To drive around and show off and make folk like me drool!



nice gate. good job.

Chatty Crone said...

You couldn't be farther from dementia than the man in the moon! Great fence.

Mevely317 said...

Say Jack, how'd you feel about taking a side trip to Coosada, AL to help Tom build a gate? That's near the top of our to-do's once the closing occurs. We've a fellow supposed to give us a quote, but of course (lol) Tom thinks he can do it himself.

Ya, dementia - and becoming a burden to son - is a huge fear.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As we get older we do tend to fear the loss of our minds. I've had two aunts on my mom's side of the family that had Alzheimer’s and both were put in homes until they died. It is better for the family and safer for the patients too. Both were such wonderful people, but the disease changed them. We live longer it seems but the quality of life isn't always the best. I do love your gate and am glad you were able to make it and save the big bucks. Thankfully your mind is still pretty sharp.

Dar said...

Now, look at what you gone and done now....GREAT JOB ON THE FENCE, and I'm sure Sherry loves it too. GREAT JOB. You and Bill could have been quite the team, the two Mr. Fixits ! Lucky are we gals who have men of all trades.
As for the kids taking care of us, we put it in writing so they have no worries. It was a huge weight off our shoulders knowing they will not be burdened.
love n' hugs to ya. Stay warm and dry down there. Just when we think it's going to start to stay above zero, we are fooled again. Mother Nature has a wild sense of humor.

Paula said...

Nice looking gate and I'm sure Sherry appreciates the easy opening.